A Day of Fun in the Sun

We had some really beautiful weather this week so I just had to share some pictures of Hailey enjoying being able to play outside.

Livin With Me

Livin With Me

Livin With Me

Livin With Me

Livin With Me


Livin' With Me!

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0 comments on “A Day of Fun in the Sun

  1. Marni on said:

    She is so beautiful and WOW those are REALLY great pics!

  2. chelle on said:

    She is loving the outside eh?
    Our girl adores the dandelions too!

  3. Pam on said:

    looks like she is having a great time- I like the soccer ball shot- great job catching her in motion!

  4. Beka on said:

    Hailey looks like she is having lots of fun!! Can’t wait to be able to get together with you all sometime!! Miss ya!

  5. Amanda on said:

    Aww…She is beautiful!

  6. Mother Mayhem on said:


    The only word I can think of to describe these adorable pictures! :o )

  7. Common Mom on said:

    She’s beautiful! Nothin’ better than grass, flowers, and a fun skirt for spring :-)

  8. Andrea (Lifesong) on said:

    OH! MY! GOODNESS!! Talk about PERFECT pictures. You got some great shots! She is so beautiful.

  9. beautiful.. and looks like you have a soccer star on your hands.

  10. Stacey on said:

    Those pictures are beautiful. I’m happy someone is having good weather, its been raining her for over two weeks!

  11. JoAnn on said:

    Love the pics. It hasn’t been a week yet but miss her already.

  12. Michelle on said:

    We’ve been playing outside a lot too. I’m so happy that spring is finally here. I was wondering if it would ever come. Looks like Hailey had a fun day. I loved the pictures. She looks so happy. Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment.

  13. rachel on said:

    She is getting so big and she is so beautiful.

  14. Mozi Esmes Mommy on said:

    Looks like she’s loving it! Dandelions are so much fun…

  15. She’s sooo adorable. I read the post below about you enjoying this stage with her and as far as I can remember, I also love the time when Matt was 2.5yo. And it’s far easier then than now (hehe…speaking of tantrums)..

    Anyway, just dropping by to say my quick Happy Mother’s Day! God bless.

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