Here’s the Scoop and I Need Some Advice

Some of you might know that we met with our real estate agent this week about selling our house (probably just those of you who know me on Facebook).  Since some of you have been asking me how it went (and by some of you, I mean two people) I figured I’d post about it.

Unless you’re new here, you know that we have wanted to move back to our home town for the last year or so.  Since Rich is working at home now, there is no reason we need to stay where we are.  After a year of talking about moving we finally decided that we are really going to do it.

I talked to our real estate agent (he helped us find our house when we moved here a little over 5 years ago and he was awesome!) last week.  And then he came over on Thursday to look around and to tell us what we need to do and to get all of the fun paperwork done.  He thinks our house looks great and we only have to fix one thing… which we already knew we had to do.  The tile on the floor in entry way of our house has started to chip, so we need to replace it.  Other than that- we are good to go.  Of course we still have to do things like wash all of the walls and that fun kind of stuff to make our house look perfect.  But we don’t have a whole lot we need to do.  If all goes well our house will be for sale in the last week of this month.  I will be sure to keep you all posted about what’s going on.

So- onto my advice question!  The real estate agent will be coming back next week (after our floor is replaced) to take pictures.  One of the areas he wants a picture of is our kitchen and he suggested using a great center piece on our table.  Here’s the problem- usually at this time of year I still have my Christmas decorations out (because I love them, not because I’m lazy) but I put them all away figuring that most people wouldn’t understand.  So, normally when I put my Christmas center piece away I can put out my spring center piece.  But it’s not spring yet and we still have snow.  So, what should I put on our table?  Something springy?  I’ve never been good at decorating or any of that kind of stuff, so I would love some tips and advice for something pretty to have on our table.

And also- how in the world do I keep my house spotless with a 2 year old?


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21 comments on “Here’s the Scoop and I Need Some Advice

  1. Mother Mayhem on said:

    A bowl of fruit. My favorite is green apples. Not expensive, but certainly eye-catching and yummy to boot!

  2. An apple pie. That will make them smell good things, even if they are just looking at a photo. Plus, you’ll have dessert when the picture is done with. lol.

    as for keeping things tidy with a two year old. I don’t think you can do that. I don’t think it’s possible. I’d recommend getting a large plastic container so that when you get a surprise visit from a buyer, you can quickly throw all the little junk into it. Voila! Next? lol

  3. I was going to say a bowl of fruit as well…

  4. I was also going to say a bowl of fruit. I have a wire basket and if you fill it with many different colors of fruit – it looks great. I have received compliments on my basket before.

  5. I saw recently at Walmart some potted bouquets of brightly colored tulips which would look great at this time of year and you could transplant them outside later.

  6. Hmmm…not sure what to do about the centerpiece, but if you figure out how to keep a house spotless with a 2 year old, let me know! ;)

  7. MarvelousMOM on said:

    I have no ideas for a center piece. It will be exciting to move. And that is awesome that yo9u don’t have hardly any repairs. I’m excited for you guys.

  8. Michelle on said:

    How exciting for you guys. My advice would be to put something springy out. I know I’d like to see something pretty out if I was looking to buy a house. I’m so jealous that you guys have the opportunity to sell. We had our home on the market for over 15 months with no offers. Our home is only 8 years old and in my opinion just beautiful. The market in Michigan is just terrible. We wanted to build our dream home on my families lake front property. Maybe in the future we’ll have the opportunity to sell too. No suggestions on how to keep the house clean. I had a hard time too. My little one was 3 at the time. It was hard. Seemed like I was cleaning every single day. Uggg! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day.

  9. a nice fruit bowl with apples, pears and maybe grapes would be pretty. also a nice arrangement of flowers is always good. it also depends on if you need some color etc. do you have home goods or marshals?

  10. I’m not good at decorating- but I do hope the house selling goes FANTASTIC for you! I want you to be able to move back and be closer to your family- I know how much you want that.

  11. My opinion would be fresh flowers for sure. But, that can get pricy, so either colorful fruit in a cute basket/bowl or a really nice looking fake flower arrangement! :) As for keeping the house clean with a 2 year old .. . ya, good luck with that. I was pregnant with Brennon and had Kya (then 2) when we were selling our house. It was pretty dang difficult and was really hard when people just showed up unannounced! They got what they got when that happened! Good luck!

  12. I think tulips or some sort of fresh flowers would be good. Or a vanilla scented fat candle in a clear hurricane with fruit around it. I guess it depends on if you need height or not.

  13. Oh and I forgot to say that the reason I’d do flowers is b/c then it looks like you put your house on the market in spring (if for some reason it doesn’t sell quickly) rather than having a center piece that tells buyers (that will be looking at your listing pics) you put in on in the dead of winter. I don’t know, just a suggestion.

  14. Once for a dinner party (this time of year) I got one of those three-tiered cookie plate things and put little cookies on it. That might look nice?

    Oh and keeping the house clean, my suggestion. Rent an apartment and never go there. LOL! Just kidding. Good luck with that, if you figure out a solution, share it with the rest of us.

  15. I think that for pictures you should put a nice bright flower arrangement for the centerpiece. Perhaps Rich will should get you one ;)

    They won’t last, but they will look great and everybody loves flowers.

    The potted tulips idea sounds great too.

  16. A fruit bowl sounds nice. I am a minimalist so a centerpiece would turn me off, but I am a minority :)

  17. common mom on said:

    Centerpiece . . . a big bowl of green apples . . . it’s the thing for table centerpieces . . . at least that’s what all the magazine picture people tell me ;-)

    Spotless and 2 year old do NOT go together! It’ll be tough, but just try to keep all of her stuff in one room to play with . . . seriously, buyers will understand. And I must say, when we bought our house, it was FAR from spotless . . . and needed new windows and all that jazz . . . lots of things they didn’t fix or replace. But, we fell in love with the house and location – it’s not always just about how the house looks. If someone loves the house, they’re going to love the house no matter what.

    Oh, and while I have no desire to move right now – we love it here – I am so envious that you are moving to your home town by family. That is the one struggle I have every single day – loving it where I live (14 hours away) and missing my family.

  18. Just shove as many items as you can in the closets (in containers because the lookers might open your closets!)or under beds. My one friend that had her house up for sale would just go around the house grabbing everything laying around, tossed it in a rubbermaid container and then put it in her car.

    Good Luck!

  19. ComfyDenim on said:

    Spring would do just fine.
    Unless of course your house sells next week…

    Fruit would do just fine too.

    A candle.

    There’s really no right or wrong. they’re needing to look at the house.

    Good luck!!

  20. Now I know what is going on….
    I will pray that God will lead and guide.
    I vote for the fruit too. :)

  21. Andrea (Lifesong) on said:

    I like the fruit bowl idea, or doing something spring-y. At this time of year, everybody is anxious for spring and that could really draw somebody in!!

    Another thing you could do is put a clear vase in the center, fill it up with some colored rocks and put a few green stick-type things in it. (does that make sense?)

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