What Did She Just Say?

We have a desktop computer in our family room.  Sometimes when we are hanging out in the family room I will turn the computer on, open a Word document and let Hailey type.  So, the other evening that is what was going on when I heard Hailey say, “Where’s baby Anika’s blog?”

“What?”  I asked.  I was pretty sure I had heard what she said but it still took me by surprise.  (by the way- Anika is 10 month old daughter to my cousin Beka.  Everyday Hailey and I look at Beka’s blog to see if there are any new pictures of Anika.)

“My can’t find baby Anika’s blog,” Hailey responded.

I went over to help Hailey- I started up the Internet and since the desktop is several years old it takes more than a split second for the Internet to start.  So, as it was starting up Hailey asked me, “It’s loading?”

So Hailey isn’t even 2 yet and she knows about blogs and pages loading.  I can’t even imagine what another 10 years will bring.


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18 comments on “What Did She Just Say?

  1. Ashlyn can open the internet and goes to her favorite sites from the bookmarks tab all by herself! She has been doing that for months now- they just get so used to it so quickly!

  2. It is really crazy what they teach them to do in school now on the computer! They are using it in kindergarten! This year in 6th grade Caroline will learn Excel! They’ve been using Word at school since about 2nd grade and they’ve been Googling forever!

  3. That is so funny. It is really amazing the way children just catch on to things. They grew up in the generation of technology. My daughter is getting better at the computer than me. :)

  4. Stephanie on said:

    That is crazy!!! It floors me how different times are from when we were kids. What a little cutie though!

  5. I know blows your mind doesn’t it..
    I remember how funny I thought it was that When Princess was 2 years old she was the one teaching me how to use the computer..
    We didn’t have one at the time but my Grandpa did.. and she wanted to play blues clues and she took me to Grandpa’s computer and said.. “just go to www dot com mom” LOL then she took the mouse and clicked the desktop icon Grandpa had up that would take her to blues clue..

    Amazing isn’t it. Now she is pushign 13 and still knows more about computers and cell phones and texting and all this other stuff then I do.

  6. Too cute! She’s one smart little girl!

  7. Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama on said:

    It’s amazing what they pickup,isn’t it??

  8. LOL! That’s friggin’ hilarious!

  9. Danielle on said:

    hee hee Future bloggers of America Unite!

  10. Wow! Hailey is one smart little girl! Don’t they learn fast???? Smart and cute! Hugs, Grams

  11. That is so funny. I am blown away by how smart she is. Soon she will want her own blog that she will recite and you will type.

  12. OMg.. you’re on for it, lol…..she’s a gonn abe a blogging baby…

  13. ComfyDenim on said:

    You’ll have to share the computer.
    With big bird, poptropica and webkinz. ;-)
    and she’ll be blogging before you know it.
    Just don’t teach her how to change passwords.

  14. JanMary, N Ireland on said:

    LOL – that is so funny how much they pick up!

  15. Girl start ’em early, that’s what I say. I remember being in high school and learning about computers from a text book that had pictures of ’real’ floppy disks. Hailey is going to be one serious blogger when she grows up.

  16. That’s so funny. I learn new things from my kids – even Alexis – about the computer – everyday! It sure is a good way to keep up with family, isn’t it?!

    Nice to see you Melanie – I’ve missed you. Have a good week – Kellan

  17. Andrea (Lifesong) on said:

    Hee hee…that’s funny! Kids catch on to things so fast, don’t they?

  18. What a relief to know that my 3 year old is not the only one!! Lets just consider our “teachings” early preparation for their futures! What a doll she is!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on Patrick! Please come back soon!

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