I didn’t realize that this would start so young.  I thought I had a couple of years left where I could pick out cute little outfits for Hailey and she would happily wear them.

Not so.

Usually I let Hailey pick out a shirt to wear and then I will find her a matching skirt or pair of pants to go with it.  So, the other day Hailey was getting dressed and she picked out a cute little purple shirt to wear.  I pulled out a pair of tan pants to go with it.

“It doesn’t match.”  Hailey told me.

So I showed her a couple of other choices.  All received the same response, “It doesn’t match.”

Hailey wearing her cute purple shirt with her pajama bottoms while looking through her drawer to find something that would match.  As you can see there are several pieces of clothing already thrown on the floor because, “It doesn’t match.”

Holding up a pair of pants to see if they match.

Here is what Hailey finally decided on.  A purple shirt with red pants.  Which she wore all day… right up until we had to go out in public.


Livin' With Me!

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13 comments on “Already?

  1. Ashlyn loves to pick out her own clothes- she does pretty well but every now and then I get an outfit like that too. I let her go because she dresses herself and I figure other moms understand. But if we have somewhere ‘special’ to go I do make her change.

  2. Haha.. How cute! Oh dear… does she now want to pick out her outfits everyday?!! Oh Bill says its fine, they go to together…. haha! She can wear it! I told him no, "It doesn’t match" Hahaha!

  3. earthlingorgeous on said:

    awww Hailey looks so happy with the outfit she choose. a fashionista in the making :)

  4. She has her own sense of style ! :) Both of my children love to pick out their own clothes too. We have had to go in public many of times with some strange combinations on!

  5. Too cute! I love how she has developed a sense of style at such a young age!

  6. How funny…I remember those days!
    So many of the rules have changed…….who knows someone may have said she was right. :)

  7. Stephanie on said:

    She was happy with her pick! That is so funny. She is a cutie-pie.

  8. too cute!!! and yes, girls start young!! you’re in trouble now, lol….

  9. How funny. I used to have a little girl who was very particular in what she wore.

  10. Colleen - Mommy Always Wins on said:

    Wow, quite the little fashionista you’ve got there! ;-)

  11. Just think–add a red hat and a few years and she could be a member of the Red Hat Society! No self counsciousness about HER fashion sense!

  12. Oh NO! This is a little Alexis – look out!!

    She looks darling!

    See you – Kellan

  13. FickleMinded on said:

    I have two boys,and my youngest is 3 yrs old and he always pick his clothes whenever we have to go somewhere,my fault,i taught him early abt colors :D

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