The Big Move

We’ve been talking lately about how it’s time to move Hailey (22 months old) out of her crib and into a big girl bed. Although she has never climbed out of her crib she is certainly tall enough to do it so I want to prevent that from happening. Plus she is tall enough to get in and out of a regular bed on her own.

The problem we are having is in trying to decide if we want her to have a toddler bed or if we should go right to a regular twin bed. The picture over on the right is what her crib looks like (that’s not actually hers because she is asleep in her bed right now so I can’t take a picture of it. This is just one I found on the Internet.) This crib can convert into a toddler bed- where the front railing would be removed and something like this would be put on the front so she wouldn’t fall out:

This piece did not actually come with her bed and from what I have read it will cost in the range of $60-$90 and take about 10-12 weeks to arrive.

Or, her bed can also convert into a twin bed.  The back of her crib would become the headboard and the front panel would become the foot board.  Supposedly we would have to buy a conversion kit for that as well (costing around $100).  I don’t know why Rich couldn’t just bolt a regular old frame to it, but he’s going to have to look at it to see.

Anyhoo- all of that to ask for your opinions- when did you move your kids out of a crib?  And did you go right to a twin bed or did you use a toddler bed?

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9 comments on “The Big Move

  1. rachel on said:

    We just put together Max’s big bed. Max has been on a mattress on the floor for a few months and now he is in his big bed, which is a full. I would say do a twin bed and then put up a guard rail. Just a suggestion.

  2. We moved Ashlyn when she was two. We put a mattress on the floor and she slept on that for a while. (uhm, it might have been a year that she slept on the mattress on the floor!). Then we put the bed in the room. It is my old bed from when I was a kid and I was worried about her falling out of it. So we did the mattress on the floor. Honestly- that worked really well- she never really fell out of bed- but if she would have- there isn’t far to fall. Plus, it wasn’t anymore expensive- nothing more to buy, didn’t buy a toddler bed, then a regular bed, etc. Her bed is a full bed.

    I plan on doing it this way with Riley too. But if I were to put him in a bed right away- I would do a regular bed, not a toddler bed (so I don’t have to buy two bed, the toddler then a regular) and get one of those side rails you can buy for the side.

    Good luck with the transition!!

    By the way- is Hailey sleeping/staying in her bed any better? Or does she still end up with you? I only ask because if she comes to you, you will want to make sure she can easily get in and out of her bed. That will be helpful for when you potty train too- you will want it to be set up so she can easily get in and out for the bathroom.

  3. Shelly on said:

    We’re actually thinking about this for Matthew too. The other night he got his foot stuck between the slats…I had a really hard time getting it unstuck! Our crib converts to a youth bed, but we would still have to worry about his foot getting stuck. I had thought about putting the mattress on the floor…or buying a twin bed since he moves around soooooo much! The twin bed seems like a better choice since they are eventually going to need one anyway!

  4. mama meji on said:

    Matt has always slept with me. He didn’t like the crib. We used to sleep on a mattress on our floor (after Matt nearly fell off our old bed) but about 4 months ago, we moved to a bigger bed. For few nights, I had trouble sleeping because I had to watch Matt (it seems like he still felt like sleeping on the mattress on the floor) but after a time, Matt has adjusted and it’s all fine now. Goodluck on your big move. I know Hailey will get used to it in no time.

  5. Amanda on said:

    Avery is 22 months old too and I have been thinking of this as well – trying to decide what to do. He has not tried to climb out of his crib either (which surprises me because he likes to climb).. I think his crib turns into a daybed and I thinking that maybe I will do that and put up a bed rail on the other side just to get him used to one side being “gone” and see how that goes. My only concern is he flips and flops in his crib and of course the rails keep him in. And then the thought of him getting out of the bed to play in his room instead of sleeping.
    I think we may end up going to the twin/full bed (I am guessing his converts??) soon because he is getting about too long for his crib mattress…
    But for now I am just keeping him in the crib – I have heard to keep them in there as long as you can!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my site last night! I don’t really have any advice for you about the crib situation, because I haven’t had to go through that myself yet, but good luck with whatever you end up choosing!

    Looking forward to visiting your site again!

  7. Ug! I am having the same dilema, can’t wait to read all of your comments. My son is 19 mo. & IS crawling out of his bed repeatedly (but it usually contains him) I am afraid he will ALWAYS get out if we take it down. PS – I am going for a toddler bed for awhile. I always wante him to have some cool firetuck or racecar bed. It’s my own selfish reasons.

  8. Tiffany on said:

    With my daughter we did a toddler bed first. Then with my son we went straight to a twin bed…he was the climber of the two! Both worked well!

  9. That is sooo exciting.. a big girl bed!! YAY….

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