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Last Saturday morning we were visiting my parents house.  We got up bright and early to head off to my cousins wedding.  We were traveling with my parents and my brothers and my sister-in-law.  Hailey did really well in the car and slept for the first half of the trip.  When she woke up she realized that my dad was riding in a different car than she was and had a bit of a fit because she sure does love her “Pa.”  So, we had to stop so he could ride with us.  Other than that little incident Hailey did great.

We checked in to our hotel and got a quick bite to eat then went back to the hotel.  Since Hailey had slept in the car that morning I knew it was going to be a long evening for her at the wedding.  I tried to get her to take a quick nap but she wasn’t having any of that.  She usually only takes one nap a day, so apparently she thought sleeping that morning in the car was her nap.

So we got ready for the wedding.  While Rich and I were getting dressed Hailey decided to help out by getting some shoes on:

Working on filling Daddy’s shoes.

And then we were off to the wedding.

Hailey finally got to meet her cousin Anika.  Anika’s mom- Beka and I used to have an awful lot of fun together when we were teenagers.  We’re hoping that Hailey and Anika will be close too- but we’ll always be  one step ahead of them.  I think that Beka’s hubby Bill got a cute picture of Hailey giving Anika a hug.

The beautiful bride, Melissa, and her dad.

I wasn’t able to get any good pictures during the wedding since we sat near the back just in case Hailey needed to be taken out.  So, here’s a picture of my cousin Brad and his lovely new wife Melissa on their way out of the church just after being pronounced husband and wife.

The first dance at the reception.

World wide web- meet my family.  In the front row is me, my mom and my sister-in-law Ellie.  In the back row is Rich holding Hailey, my dad, my brother Mike and my brother Matt.

Hailey dancing with Rich.  She had that serious look on her face all night long.  She smiled a few times.  But, I think for the most part she was just really tired from not having a nap and a little worried about all of the relatives she didn’t know who kept saying, “I get to see your picture on the computer everyday!”  She did really well though and didn’t have any fits.  She was just much quieter than usual.  But I’ll certainly take that over tantrums any day!

Brad singing to Melissa

Apparently someone bought Brad and Melissa a rake so Rich thought this would be a fun pose to get a picture of.  Rich is quite proud of this picture that he took and insisted that I post it.

Here’s the happy couple.  Who are on their honeymoon in Italy. 
(I stole this picture from the mother of the groom.  Hope it’s okay Aunt Ruth!)


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12 comments on “Wedding Pictures

  1. ComfyDenim on said:

    A Rake??

    I love the thought of the groom singing to the bride. That’s really, really sweet.

    I love the pictures. that dress is really, really pretty.

  2. Tonya on said:

    What a beautiful wedding.

    I love it when little ones wear our shoes.

  3. Becki on said:

    The bride and groom look very happy :) Hailey is adorable! I love her dress at the wedding :) (and of course, her shoes!)

  4. Andrea on said:

    How fun…and yes, things change once you have kids at a wedding…I used to want to sit near the front, but now that i have kids, i want to sit near the back! haha. :) Oh well, I’m glad you had a great time!

  5. Denise on said:

    Really nice pictures.

  6. rachel on said:

    Looks like a ton of fun. Hailey has so much personality.

  7. Kellan on said:

    What a beautiful bride/wedding! Hailey is so darling!

    Happy 4th of July! Have fun! Kellan

  8. Kelsey on said:

    She is such a cutie! Congrats to the newly weds

  9. rachel on said:

    I just looked again and you won’t believe this but this is the FIRST time I have ever seen Rich. Every other time I saw Hailey and your dad and the other day when I said hailey was with her Dad, well I mean your Dad, well that it what I thought. Handsome man!!

  10. Allison on said:

    Looks like a lovely wedding! I absolutely adore weddings. There is nothing like the happiness of two people on their wedding day.

    That first shot of Hailey in the shoes?! So cute!

  11. MommyBrainReports on said:

    What beautiful pics! The wedding looks gorgeous, as does the bride!

    Cute pic with the rake definitely!!!

  12. Spice on said:

    What a beautiful couple. Her dress is gorgeous!!!

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