21 Months Old

There is just no way that I will have a two year old in 3 months. It is just not possible. Will someone please slow this ride down?

Hailey- one year ago at 9 months old

Hailey now at 21 months old

Developmentally- Hailey is right on track.  She is talking a lot, although most of the time I am the only one who can understand what she is saying.  She says 3 and 4 word sentences, knows her body parts, names and sounds of various animals, counts to 2, recognizes several letters and writes the “H” for her name and tries to write a “B” for Brooke’s name.

Physically- Hailey had her well visit on Monday and she is 26 pounds, 10 ounces and is 34 inches tall.  Both of those are right at the 75th percentile.  She got her last immunizations too- she’s done until she is getting ready to go to school.  Yee haw!!  Her shots were pretty hard yesterday- even though it’s been 6 months since her last shots she apparently remembered.  And she fought like crazy.  I had to hold her down and the nurse was amazed by her strength.  So, I am relieved that we are done for a while.

I am loving this age.  I know that during the 18 month update I said that was my favorite stage… but I’ve changed my mind- the stage Hailey is in now is my favorite.  She is soooo much fun.

A few of the fun things she is doing at this age include:

  • Being dramatic.  Every morning after Hailey gets dressed she looks at herself in her full length mirror and says, “Ta-da!”
  • Some more drama- when the ceiling fan in our kitchen is on Hailey will put her hand on her head and say “My HAIR!  My HAIR!”  And then “My hair, my eyes!”  A couple of weeks ago her bangs were getting long so they were blowing into her eyes, but she has since had them trimmed but she still does this.
  • Hailey does a fake cry when she is playing by putting her hands over her mouth and making a funny crying noise.
  • We have no idea how this started but when she wants to play a tickle game that Rich does with her, Hailey will yell out “SOUP!”  And then giggle like crazy.
  • Hailey had recently become scared of loud noises.  If she hears a loud noise like thunder or a motorcycle she will say “Funder?  Cycle?  Truck?”  And wait for me to tell her which one it is.  Then she says “Okay Mommy?” and waits for my reassurance that she is okay.  I wish that it will always be this easy to calm her fears.
  • Back when the lilacs were blooming I showed them to Hailey.  Now she calls all trees and all flowers “Lilacs.”
  • Hailey loves to hide on me and when I say “Where is Hailey?”  I hear a little voice answer me and say “She gone.”  Or “She owwwside.”
  • When Hailey sees a picture of herself and I ask her who it is she responds “You!”  I guess she has heard me tell her so many times “that’s you” that I have confused her.
  • I love how I can carry on a conversation with Hailey now.  I can ask her questions like “What did you and Daddy do downstairs?” and she will tell me “Play Wii”  or “eat emma (M&M’s).”  The conversations are just so much fun.

I could go on and on because I love this age so much but I figured I’d just give you a little glimpse into my life with my 21 month old sweetie.

I couldn’t possibly be having anymore fun than I am during this stage with Hailey.  My only complaint is that it is going by too quickly.


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28 comments on “21 Months Old

  1. Gabriel on said:

    She looks beautiful, Melanie! I don’t think I have enjoyed any time of my kids’ life more than the ‘toddler years’ (especially with my girls!).

  2. La Bellina Mammina on said:

    I know how you feel – LP will be 3 in Dec…how can he grow up that fast??! So am gonna enjoy his toddler years as much as I can :-)

  3. Busymama Karen on said:

    I love how she’s taller than Tigger now :)

  4. jennifer on said:

    I think 3 is a great age.My youngest is 3 right now too and you are right it is so cute. Cheyanne is also very dramatic and she makes me laugh all the time. One thing she does that is so cute is she will act scared about something and I tell her,”You are not of that.” She goes,”Oh!” and goes on her with her business. I also love how cute their voices sound at 3. She is my last and I am going to totally miss this age when it is gone.

  5. She is beautiful! She is so smart too! Man, Riley better start talking and learning some words beyond grunting at me or Hailey will never want to marry him one day!

    It is a fun age- and I love her comments!!

  6. Shelly on said:

    Wow…21 months! Where does the time go? Matthew just turned 18 months. It’s amazing how much they change from month to month…even day to day. Hailey is absolutely adorable!

  7. Heather on said:

    What a sweet girl! I love reading about all the things she is doing, so I’ll know what to look forward to with Ladybug.

  8. Ashley on said:

    I love both pictures and how it shows how much she has changed over the months. I’ve always loved Tigger throwing his head back laughing in delight. She is beautiful.

  9. Heidi on said:

    We have the same Tigger. He’s such a happy fellow. Wow, is she getting to be a big girl…. Love the contrast pictures, you are so clever.

  10. common mom on said:

    Oh how I remember the days of 2 and 3. And seriously, EVERY stage will be your favorite, because they keep growing and exploring and learning and developing their personality. She’s so sweet . . . what a beautiful little girl!

  11. Comedy Plus on said:

    Don’t worry honey the teenage years will crawl by. I remember so well. Have a great day. :)

  12. Denise on said:

    Such a sweet and precious blessing.

  13. dana on said:

    Hailey really is just so adorable! Look how much she’s grown!

  14. Sharon on said:

    She is a sweet one. I remember these years….it was good. Julia spent more time playing during this time than I did with Michael. This is a fun age with girls.
    Although now that Julia is 10 we are starting to be able to do girl things. Her dad is a little jealous that she does not want to follow him around in the woods like she used to.
    So…..more fun times are coming for you and Hailey.

  15. Susan on said:


  16. Susan on said:

    Ha! It figures that I can finally post when I write something dumb. I’ve already tried to post three times (I can be stubborn like that) but they kept getting eaten or something…

    I kept trying to tell you that you are going to think that EVERY age is your favorite. Even when she has her driver’s license and only has time to spend with you when she wants something.

    Not that I would know anything about that…

  17. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on said:

    Wow – she and Tigger are the same height now! I love the toddler stage too – they are just so darn funny and cute. Although I miss them being little too. Sigh. :)

  18. Andrea on said:

    Aww! She is bigger than Tigger now! hehe. :) I know what you mean about this being such a fun stage though…and what you mean about it going by waaaay to fast!!!

  19. Allison on said:

    Aw! She’s grown so much! What a great idea taking the “same” picture! Good way to see the growth.

    How exciting…

    Happy WW :)

  20. Jane on said:

    She’s just gorgeous and I know what you mean ! I have a nearly 5 year old and a 16mth old And I’m sure I just gave birth LOL
    Its crazy how fast time flies and I Think it flies faster when you have children!

  21. Kellan on said:

    I do that too – “My hair – MY HAIR!”

    She’s so darling. Kellan

  22. Milena on said:

    She’s simply adorable and she looks like a happy child.

  23. Lifesong on said:

    She is just TOO adorable!! So happy she is developing right on track. She sounds like a little smartie!!

  24. Mozi Esme's Mommy on said:

    I love it! They grow up so fast, and every stage is better than the rest, but you still miss the old stages and wish things would slow down . . .

  25. Mozi Esme's Mommy on said:

    I love it! They grow up so fast, and every stage is better than the rest, but you still miss the old stages and wish things would slow down . . .

  26. Mrs. Mecomber on said:

    Oh my GOSH that is so CUTE!!!!! My eldest is 18 now and I’m feeling pretty lonesome again. You are BAD for making we want another one, LOL!

    She’s an adorable baby. Congrats, and enjoy this time. :)

  27. Spice on said:

    I love that smile in that top picture!!!! You can’t help but smile when you see that.

  28. zamejias on said:

    She’s growing prettier and prettier by the day!

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