Stay Tuned For a Picture of Me!

I usually try to stay away from my computer on the weekends. And Saturday I did especially great avoiding my computer. When I got up in the morning I did have to check my email and my blogs just in case there was some sort of blog emergency. But then it was well into the afternoon before I actually sat down to use my computer. And it was wonderful.

I started out my morning trying to get Hailey ready for our daily walk (I’ve done it for 4 days in a row, so I think it now qualifies as a “daily” walk.) She loves to go for a walk so I don’t know why she fights me so much. She kicked and squirmed while I got her dressed, refused to open her mouth to have her teeth brushed and ran away as fast as she could when I tried to put her sunscreen on. The entire process probably took at least 45 minutes. Finally we were ready to go and enjoyed our morning walk.

After our walk Hailey and I played out front until I got tired of chasing her down every 15 seconds when she would take off running right towards the road. So we went to the safety of the fenced in back yard. Hailey had a blast with her sidewalk chalk, painting with water, going down her “whee,” and watching the ants on our patio.

Then we “helped” Rich wash the car. Hailey thought it was a blast, as long as she didn’t get wet and no one touched her bucket or sponge.

What a little helper.

After we finished washing the car it was time to come inside for lunch. Which of course caused much kicking and screaming (by Hailey). Since she had gotten up bright and early that morning (6am) she went right down for her nap after lunch.

At that point I decided that it could wait no more- I needed a hair cut. It has been over a year since I have had my hair cut, no trimming or anything. So, I’m sure you can imagine that I was very much in need of having my hair cut. And suddenly I felt the urge to have highlights as well. So, off I went to have my hair done.

So now about the title of this post, the one where I said there would be a picture of me? Here you go.

This is me modeling my hip-t a few ago- notice my hair. You can’t really tell but it is several inches past my shoulders. And it is also brown.

And now?

This is me on Sunday morning before church. I did my hair just for you (and also just in case I saw anyone while at church). See how short it is? And you can’t tell from the picture but it is really light. I think it is too light actually.

I know this picture is blurry, but have you ever tried to take a picture of the top of your head before? So in this picture you can kind of tell that it is much lighter but you can’t really tell how light it is. I mean I did tell the hairdresser I wanted the highlights to be noticeable, but I didn’t want them quite as noticeable as they are.

I was so sad with my hair that I thought that maybe I shouldn’t even go to church. Or that I should at the very least wear a paper bag over my head so that no one would notice my hair. Then the lady who sits behind me in church every week told me that she loved the new style and the new color about 3 or 4 times and I started to feel better.

So, tell me what you think- just remember that it is a lot lighter than you can tell from the picture.


Livin' With Me!

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20 comments on “Stay Tuned For a Picture of Me!

  1. Kelsey on said:

    That photo of her washing is adorable! You are gorgeous!

  2. La Bellina Mammina on said:

    You look GREAT! I can see Hailey has your smile!

  3. Sounds like you had a fun morning (with the exception of chasing down Hailey). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your haircut! I think the style is fabulous and looks great. I think the color looks good too though I know you said it looks lighter in person (and I will get to find out!!) I like it and think you look sassy!! Now I feel like I need some new do for when we meet! My plain old boring hair will not impress your newly highlighted and styling hair! ;) Oh, and yes, it is 5:30 am and I am blogging….what? Not everyone is awake at 3am with their kids and again at 5am? huh? So it is just me then! I knew it- those kids have been lying to me all this time!

  4. Spice on said:

    Your hair looks great!!!! I love the style! I love the pic of Hailey washing the car! Too cute!

  5. Gratcia on said:

    You look beautiful (^_^) and Hailey is soooo cute! I’m also in trainning in not touching my laptop from Saturday to Sunday (^_-).

    Greetings from Jakarta!

  6. Audrey on said:

    The haircut is really cute. I also love the photo of your daughter helping with the car. Save that photo for when she’s a teen and driving and she says she doesn’t want to hand wash her own car LOL. I found you through a post you put on the message board.

  7. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on said:

    I love your haircut – it looks really cute! :)

  8. Ashley on said:

    Your hair looks beautiful!

  9. Mercedes on said:

    I love the haircut and color! Even if it is lighter-I would love it! I too highlight my hair and I went back to natural a few years ago-but I couldn’t keep it that way for long. I am a creature of habit or I just like blonde highlights!

  10. Denise on said:

    You are way too cute, love you.

  11. Sharon on said:

    Actually I LOVE it!
    I love your hair that color and the length.It is always good to change things up a bit every once in a while or we do tend to get in a rut.
    What did Rich think?
    I will tell you there was once when I died my own hair…someone had switched the color in the bottle and instead of medium brown it was RED like LUCY. I was horrified.I would not leave the house. Called the company and had Keith go and purchase what I needed to TRY (ha!)and fix it. It was still horrible and had a deep purple hue.
    Never again!
    I think I like the gray God gave me. :)

  12. jane on said:

    Hailey is a cutie, and the hair looks great!

  13. You look beautiful and your hair looks great. I can not wait till I get to see it.

  14. MamaGeek on said:

    It looks awesome you are BEAUTIFUL! Now then, when can I expect Hailey over to wash my car? :)

  15. Tonya on said:

    Your hair looks fabulous. I love that cut on you.

  16. You know what, I was all ready to comment on how much I LOVE YOUR NEW HAIR CUT and color and now I really really need to tell you so. I can’t believe you wanted to wear a bag over your head. Silly head! You look FANTASTIC! I was just gonna say as I saw the new look how jealous I am as that is the cut I WANTED when I went to get my hair cut last week. However, it didn’t turn out and I’m upset. One side is almost 2 inches longer than the other and that’s only the beginning of all the horribleness of this haircut! Anywho, I love the new look!

  17. Lookin good there Mel.

  18. Heather on said:

    Your hair looks GREAT!! Very sassy and cute! And short is great for summer too. And I think you’ll grow to like the highlights. Change is good – it helps us feel refreshed.

  19. Alyson @ 3 P's in a Pod on said:

    It is SO cute!!! Love it!

  20. zamejias on said:

    Love that shot of Hailey washing the car…I 9c3an just imagine how happy she is washing…

    The hair looks great! The color looks good on you. *smile*

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