Toddlers Are Fun

Toddlers are so much fun, aren’t they?  I just thought I’d share a few of the fun things Hailey is doing at 19 months.

  • I have no idea where she gets this from, but apparently Hailey is afraid of bugs.  When she sees one, she screams and backs away and points and yells, “bug, bug!”  I can’t imagine who she has seen doing this.
  • Hailey loves to stand at the top of her slide and then say, “Sit down!”  Then she sits down and says, “Good girl.”
  • Hailey loves to stand on her Dora car and say, “Sit down!”  Then she sits down and says, “Good girl.”
  • Hailey climbs on everything.  She climbs onto the dining room chair then up onto the table.  She looks around proudly and says, “Sit down!”  Then she sits down and says, “Good girl.”
  • This one makes me a little sad- I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but all of a sudden Da-Da has become Daddy.  Thank goodness I’m still Momma though.
  • School buses are one of the most exciting part of Hailey’s day.  In the morning and afternoon she watches out our front window and is thrilled when she sees a school bus go by.  She calls out “ska ba” whenever it goes by.
  • Hailey is such a little sponge right now.  She loves to try new words.  There is a little boy who lives across the street from us named Frankie.  So, she sees him get off the bus everyday and yells out the front window, “boy, boy.”  I told her what his name was and so she yells his name out our window (when it’s actually warm enough for it to be open).  Except when she says Frankie it sounds like an entirely different word.  One that starts with an F.  And ends with a K.  And rhymes with truck.  I think you know what I mean.  And she yells it out the open window.  I think we’ll go back to calling him “boy.”

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0 comments on “Toddlers Are Fun

  1. Dette on said:

    ROFL – OMG. Yes. Let’s go back to “boy.”

    But isn’t it cute to hear their own versions of – well, most words?

    PLUS – that little girl up there sounds like a happy camper to me. Thanks to a wonderful Momma. :)

  2. Denise on said:

    I love this, lol

  3. ha ha ha! Just wait until you potty train her – then she will tell you that you are a good girl for going on the potty too! ;) Oh, and wait until daddy and mommy are shortened to dad and mom! heartbreaking!

  4. common mom on said:


    Sit down! Good Girl :-)

    Hey – at least you know she’s listening ;-)

    What a fun post . . . I miss these days . . . I really do.

  5. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on said:

    LOL – too cute! Yep, I get praised right now for everything from going potty to getting dressed. And with the exact same inflection that I use when I praise Becca for the same things. :)

    I love what little characters kids are at this age!

  6. beautiful craziness on said:

    Love it! SUch sponges. I have to watch what I say around here alot more. Not that I am like a sailor or anyting at all, but I do say freak and crap a lot. So the other day I did somehting and I said, aw crap and of course crazy goes around for like an hour saying ” aw cap”- I was like “NO!!!!” He got over it! Thank goodness.

  7. Heather on said:

    Woohoo! What a fun girl! Those compound consonant sounds are tough for a little one. I say go back to “boy.”

    What a great momma this little one must have!

  8. Kellan on said:

    She sounds so cute! Alexis is very afraid of bugs too – not frogs though – ?

    Have a good evening – see you – kellan

  9. Grams on said:

    Hi, I am sorry I haven’t been over for a while!! I have been trying to use some sense with my blogging!!!!! I let it get out of hand.
    When I didn’t have the laptop I was able to step back and see how addicted to this I had become!!! Now I am not going out every day to every blog on my side bar and leaving comments!! This took me hours!! I will be 70 in August and I don’t type fast like you young people! :)

    I still love all the blogs on my side bar but I have to be able not to use every minute in life for the blogs!!!!!

    Life is easier now! With Nancy so sick and taking so much time and my blogging I wasn’t left any time for anything else!! When you said we were blogaholics, No Kidding!!! I must have been the worse!!

    Ok that is enough on that!!
    I thought your post was cute and what Hailey does is adorable! Love and hugs Grams I will try to get over here again sooner because I love comming over here and hearing about Hailey and what you all are up too!!

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