Living My Dream

Livin’ With MeI am happily living my dream right now.  Ever since I can remember I have wanted to one day have a baby and to be able to stay home with my baby.  So, being a stay at home mom to Hailey is a dream come true. 

Of course when I was dreaming of being a stay at home mom I never realized how much work it would be.  That picture over there on the left?  No- my closet didn’t throw up.  And no, I didn’t just return from a trip that required lots of clothes.  That’s just the clean laundry I have been avoiding.  I don’t know why I hate folding laundry so much.  But, I always put it off until it piles to the ceiling. 

For some reason before I was actually a stay at home mom I had these visions of my baby sitting quietly and playing while I worked on my scrapbooking and cross stitching.  Of course, reality set in very soon after I brought my little bundle home from the hospital and I’ve learned that being a stay at home mom is the hardest job I’ve ever had. 


I have a shirt that perfectly describes my life.  I would model it for you because I love it so much, but that will have to wait until I reach my goal weight.  But, this picture over here on the right- that is what is on my shirt that I got from LTDChix.  The laundry shirt is perfect for me.  But there are lots of other choices and I’m sure you can find one that would describe your life.  LTDChix has choices for working moms, minivan driving moms, moms who cook, moms who clean, and so much more.  I personally love my shirt- it’s the perfect choice for me as it seems my piles of laundry are never done.

But while being a mom is the hardest job I’ve ever had, it’s also the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.  The smiles and giggles and hugs and kisses that I get from Hailey make it all well worth it.  So, even though my life isn’t exactly as I dreamed it would be, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


Livin' With Me!

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21 comments on “Living My Dream

  1. ComfyDenim on said:

    I need that cartoon on my blog. :-)
    Isn’t it fun to sit back and think on those dreams and think how much you’ve changed? AND how the dreams have changed, too??

  2. laura on said:

    Yep. Life! Isn’t it great? I find that I clean up the same messes and do the same little mommy jobs day after day just to maintain general neatness; no special projects really get done.
    You are right about the baby love…children do have a way of making the little troubles so okay. :)

  3. Denise on said:

    This was really sweet.

  4. Mercedes on said:

    I am so with you on folding laundry. My bf was getting good at it, but he has slowed down. I tell him that I will keep the clothes washing and drying if he will fold them and hang them up. I will even put them away-lol! Most of the dirty laundry is his anyway! Thanks for your kind words about Patch! Much appreciated!

  5. Being a SAHMama is the hardest! But like you said definately has the greatest pay off. I’m glad I’m not the only one having a struggle getting laundry done. You’ve got company! lol That’s a cute shirt, I’ll have to check that site out.

  6. jennifer on said:

    Being a stay at home Mom is the best. Like you said, it is hard work but I would all the hugs and kisses make it worth it.

  7. mama meji on said:

    I so agree. Parenting is the most daunting yet rewarding job I ever have. And maybe there ever is.- despite the piles of laundry, dishes and clean clothes on my floor now (guess who did that!).

  8. misty on said:

    I know exactly what ya mean. I’m also a stay-at-home mom and I love it. It is the hardest thing ever. But yes, so rewarding. And my laundry piles look exactly the same. lol.

  9. Tracy on said:

    Wow! It is like you took a picture of the couch in my den. Everytime I relocate my couch I make a pledge to try and fold every load as it comes out of the wash. It has been 3 years since my daughter has been born I have yet to actually achieve this!

  10. Rachel on said:

    Ditto. Being a mom is so tough-tougher than going to work but the pay off is so worth it. I love the pic. You are too much.

  11. Becoming Me - Angela on said:

    Love the picture and the post

  12. MamaGeek on said:

    I SO get this post. This is why that quote ‘long days, short years’ seems so poignant. That picture was perfect!

  13. regina on said:

    Awesome post!! I love that you are living your dream, I remember those days prior to the dream arriving!! I am so happy for you!

  14. Sharon on said:

    I don’t get too excited about laundry but the things I hate the most is bathrooms.
    The good thing is that as soon as Hailey gets older—laundry sounds like the perfect chore for her to learn. ;)
    Help is on the way hold on.

  15. La Bellina Mammina on said:

    definitely love the cartoon! I don’t mind doing the laundry (how hard can it be to throw everything into the washer and then the dryer! ;-) but I absolutely HATE ironing!! argh!

  16. We are THAT family on said:

    There’s a fine line between living the dream/nightmare. Love it, but I do hate the snot-booger-vomit-poop-laundry end of it!

  17. Common Mom on said:

    I’m SOOO the opposite . . . I can’t stand to have clean laundry that isn’t folded and put away. And now that my kids are 5 and 7, they get their own laundry to fold and put away :-)

    I hear you on those special projects . . . I work outside of the home, but even when I was on maternity leave I had visions of my baby sleeping peacefully while I scrapbooked or did whatever I wanted. I never dreamed that “whatever I wanted” would include rushing to clean the house before baby woke up, or figuring out how to invent a silent vacuum, or trying to find 10 minutes to take a shower. I even had that same dillusion with my second child! Yup – slow learner :-) And now that they’re older and more independent, I have more time to do the things I “always wanted to” . . . but I miss them wanting me all the time. Now it’s me begging them to play a game or play baseball in the cul de sac or go to the park to shoot off model rockets.

    It all goes by so fast.

  18. Dana on said:

    I hope i can be a stay at home mom one day!!!

    Lots of work – but very rewarding I bet!!

  19. Grams on said:

    Hi Melanie, Karen brought the laptop over last night and got it going again!! I sure hope it stayed fixed!! I have missed you!!! Love and Hugs Grams

  20. Saralynn on said:

    We were bound to meet one way or another…we are living the same dream!
    LOL…Have a great weekend!

  21. NuttyGal on said:

    I hear ya! I have just taken a pic of my pile of ironing – just to prove to ya your not alone ;o) Gonna post on my blog in the next half hour. I don’t mind the folding bit so much but I HATE ironing!

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