18 Months Old

Ya know what’s really weird?  A couple of weeks ago, maybe a couple of months ago at the most, I brought home this little, teeny, tiny baby.  And now today- she’s 18 months old.  Whoever is playing tricks on me by speeding the time up really should stop.

So, here I am doing another update (every 3 months now, instead of every month) to tell you what Hailey has been up to.   And can I just say- I love this age.  I have had a lot of fun with Hailey ever since she was born, but this stage she is in now is so much fun. 

Hailey does lots of cute things now and keeps me smiling and laughing everyday with her little sense of humor.  She loves to laugh and she loves trying to find ways to make us laugh.  Hailey loves to read books and loves to have anyone read to her.  She will sit for pretty lengthy time periods to listen to as many stories as I will read her.  Hailey enjoys doing art activities and I try to do several with her each week.  She has also figured out how to climb up on all of the furniture- so she keeps me on my toes as I am constantly trying to catch her.  Hailey is doing a lot more talking and she tries to say anything we ask her to try.  She is just starting to put three words together to say little sentences.  Some of the most common ones she says are “Look-it-dat” (look at that), ”I clow dow” (I close door), “Dare ya go” (there you go). 

So, there is a little update about what Hailey has been up to.  And here are some pictures I took of her today. 

Livin’ With Me

Hailey is 18 months old!  She is doing her usual pose with Tigger.  You can see Hailey posing with Tigger during our previous monthly photo shoots by clicking here.

Livin’ With Me

We had some beautiful weather today, so we Rich got some yard work done while Hailey and I played.

Livin’ With Me

Hailey helping pick up the leaves that Rich had raked up.

Livin’ With Me

Putting the leaves in the garbage bag was so much fun (for Hailey). 

Livin’ With Me
And then it was time to come inside for lunch and a nap.  As you can see Hailey did not want to come in. 

This age is so much fun, tantrums and all, I just wish it wasn’t going by so fast.


Livin' With Me!

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0 comments on “18 Months Old

  1. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on said:

    Awww…. :) Looking at all of the Tigger pictures is really fun – what a great idea that was!

  2. Denise on said:

    Where does the time go? I love the pictures.

  3. Andrea on said:

    I know! They just get to be so fun at this age! I love it too. :) And those are such awesome pictures – and she’s definitely gotten bigger than her tigger now! :)

  4. Kellan on said:

    She is so cute and seems so happy. I love her little piggy-tails!

    Have a good day Melanie – see ya – Kellan

  5. We are THAT family on said:

    She is sooo cute. I thought she was older-I think it’s all the hair. Mine will be 16 months next week and she’s just got a little hair! My oldest is 8. I’m savoring the moments with my baby. They pass very quickly.

  6. She sure is growing up fast! I love the pictures with Tigger in comparison! I’ve tried to keep up with pics like that with Anika… but it hasn’t quite happened.. ahhhhhh! She looks like she had lots of fun outdoors!!

  7. what a precious picture with Tigger, I love it!!!

    And the naptime pic… Hey, I feel like that when I’m tired too…. And on a beautiful day, I wouldn’t want to go inside either!

  8. Common Mom on said:

    What fun pictures :-) I LOVE her hair! And isn’t it so fun that she can run around outside . . . I loved when my kids got to that age :-) Oh yes, the time does go fast . . . but like you said, even through the tantrums and tears, it’s all so definitely worth it. Every day is new and exciting – and I promise you – when she turns two, you’ll be saying how much you love that age :-)

  9. Sharon on said:

    She is such a sweet one. We keep up this blogging thing and soon we will be seeing her going off to her first day of school. Take a deep breath–it won’t come that fast.
    Love the little outfit.

  10. She is adorable. I am with you- I love that stage. It is my favorite of all the stages (so why do I teach 2nd graders, you ask….good question!). She is so sweet. Thanks for sharing this update with us! I am with you- time is going to quickly! Riley is turning one and next year at this time I have to register Ashlyn for Kindergarten!!! I wish time would slow down a bit (except when I am at work!)

  11. Ashley on said:

    She is so very cute!! I do love the picture of her with Tigger and the excitement in her face at throwing away the leaves. I wish I could get as excited about yard work!!!!!

  12. zamejias on said:

    She is just so adorable and that red suit suits her well.



  13. Saralynn on said:

    and my does the time fly….sniff….

    **BTW-thanks for stopping by my blog. We are okay, just lots of rain and hail. They are predicting it for the whole week!

  14. MamaGeek on said:

    WHAT a doll! She is perfect wrapped in angle!

  15. JenLo on said:

    She is so stinkin’ cute!

  16. jennifer on said:

    That is a great age. She is so cute.

  17. hailey is really growing so fast! kids her age are really fun to be with, i miss my kids hehe. mine are big already.

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  18. regina on said:

    what great pics! so glad the weather is cooperating so you can get some good shots!

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