What Was I Thinking?

Do you know what I put in Hailey’s Easter basket this year?  I think that lots of moms out there will be shocked when I tell you that we put some playdough in Hailey’s Easter basket.  I know what you’re thinking- it is just so messy- why would anyone ever give their child playdough?

Having worked in day care and pre-k, I do know that playdough can create quite a mess.  But do you know what else I have learned about playdough?  It can usually buy several minutes in a row of quiet play. 

So, since last Sunday Hailey has been walking around carrying sealed containers of playdough.  She has been quite excited with just that, so there was no need to even open them.  But, finally on Thursday I decided it was time to be brave and let her, you know, actually play with the playdough.

And of course I took just a few dozen pictures.  Don’t worry, I won’t share all of the pictures with you. 

Livin’ With Me

First things first- “I must taste this.  I mean mommy did put me in my chair after all and usually when I am sitting here she gives me things to eat.  So, I guess that is what I am supposed to do with this new squishy stuff she just gave me.”

Livin’ With Me

“Well that tasted terrible.  Probably another one of those things they call ‘vegetables’ that mommy is always trying to make me eat.”

Livin’ With Me

“Now this is fun.”

Livin’ With Me

“It feels so weird.”

Livin’ With Me

Livin’ With Me

Livin’ With Me

Obviously Hailey loved the playdough.  And do you know how long she sat there and played with it?  Quietly?  For almost an hour.  And then it was dinner time, so I had to take it from her so we could eat.  And she cried and didn’t want me to put it away.

Even though it might have seemed like a crazy idea initially it was definitely one of my better ideas. 


Livin' With Me!

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19 comments on “What Was I Thinking?

  1. HOW CUTE!! We have that same high chair. My Kya LOVES playdough. She’s always asking to play “buckets”! I have no idea why she calls it that! I loved all the photos!

  2. Denise on said:

    So glad she likes the playdough. I love the pictures.

  3. Shalini on said:

    Loved the pics.. I always liked play dough as a kid as well.

  4. Rachel on said:

    She is such a sweetie. I can picture her walking around. Too much Mel!! Too cute.

  5. She is so sweet! I love your play by play! By the way- Ashlyn has the same shirt!! Great minds!

  6. You’re right Play Dough is a great activity – and really keeps the kids occupied.. Give them some cookie cutters, popsicle sticks and they have a blast!

    I’m a Kindergarten teacher and I have a great recipe to make playdough!! It’s so easy, inexpensive, and the kids love to help.. Even the younger ones… Let me know if your interested..

  7. Andrea on said:

    Actually, I think that is a great idea! Way to be creative with what you put in her basket. :)

  8. Dette on said:

    Omigosh – the play by play was too cute. I was crackin’ up coz your pics looked RIGHT on. Hailey looks like a doll!!

  9. ComfyDenim on said:

    Playdoh is one of our favorite things around here.
    i should buy stock in the company. *LOL* It can give us HOURS of play.

    Of course, J-man loves to bury his action figures in it – so it gives us crumbly action figures — but it’s still worth it. :-)

  10. mama meji on said:

    She’s so adorable. Now that you said the playdough can give me some quiet time, I’m considering buying some. I was in the toystore the other day and it too me long to decide. I ended up buying none.

    But now…I’m thinking of getting some. :-)

  11. Chandra on said:

    We have a playdough table that stores the girls dough and they keep their mess “neatly” on top of the table. I love it! They love all the cutters and tools. It is definitely a must have at our house!

  12. Saralynn on said:

    Too sweet! You are much braver than I. My son would have endless ideas for playdough!

  13. Simone's Butterfly on said:

    She is gorgeous. Well done on capturing her.

  14. Lisa's Chaos on said:

    My kids always loved playdough. Glad you had an hour of relative peace. :)

  15. Pinay Jade on said:

    Ahww…she’s so adorable.I can’t wait to have kiddies too.

  16. How cute!! She looks like she had fun with it!! Love the cute faces she makes!!!

  17. Andrea on said:

    ah yes…the play-doh! what a messy hit with kids, hey? but if it buys you AN HOUR of quiet — it’s worth the mess!!

  18. Ellen on said:

    If it’s messy, they seem to love it. Especially if it’s purple.It’s great that you got a whole hour of entertainment out of it.

  19. regina on said:

    Very cool!!
    Take advantage of it while you can!

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