Thankful Thursday

With Easter approaching this weekend I am thinking about the sacrifice that was made for me.  It is hard for me to comprehend that God gave his only Son to die for me.

When I look at Brooke and Hailey and think about how much I love them it can be pretty overwhelming.  I would do absolutely anything for them.  Anything.  And I know all the other parents out there feel the same way about their children.  If it came down to it, I would give my life for Brooke or Hailey.  But to think about me choosing to give one of their lives to save someone else- no way.  That is not going to happen.

But that is what God did for me.  He gave his only Son to die.  For me.  It is hard for me to understand that God loved me so much that he was willing to let his Son die for me. Wow!

And that?  Is why I am thankful this week.  Happy Easter!

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22 comments on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Denise on said:

    Very lovely post sweetie.

  2. Happy TT to you!

    Yes, we have so much to be grateful for. It’s just hard to imagine His great love and sacrifice that was paid.

    Happy Easter~

  3. Cafemommy on said:

    WOW! Thank you for reminding me of this! You stopped me right on my tracks today…as in the hustle and bustle we sometimes forget to thank God for his sacrifice…knowing how much we love our children, I cannot even begin to imagine the pain God must feel for having sacrificed his only son for us. Peace be with you and your family during this Easter Holiday!

  4. mama meji on said:

    What a good reflection. Isn’t God’s love so amazing? It’s so great that I can’t understand it too.

  5. Heather on said:

    I guess that’s why God is God and we are not. We are so limited, but I am SO thankful that His love knows no limits!!

  6. Sharon on said:

    I love the thought process you had about not being willing to give the life of one of your family to save another’s.
    That is the reality of Resurrection Sunday. I am so glad that they were willing to take the steps they did to save us.
    That is something to be thankful about!896019

  7. Susie on said:

    Beautiful thoughts! Happy Easter!

  8. We are THAT family on said:

    That was beautiful! It’s all about HIM, isn’t it?

    Happy TT!

  9. Twinkle Mom on said:


    Love your post!

  10. What a blessing! Amen!

  11. Jenileigh on said:

    What a sweet post! Happy TT!

  12. Cheryl on said:

    That is such a wonderful thing to be thankful for! What a great post. Happy Thankful Thursday and Easter to you!

  13. I’m so grateful for His sacrifice too. Happy Easter.

  14. Happy Easter to you too! Thanks for the wonderful message here today.

  15. Tasmaniac on said:

    Hi There!!!
    I came across your site from a Blogaholics Anonymous link @ Mercede’s World. I have added the B.A. logo to my Blog Thanks a lot & have a nice Day
    Kind Regards
    Tony :-)

  16. very powerful post!

  17. Karen on said:

    When we compare God’s sacrifice, it is difficult to think of us doing the same. I am so glad he was able to do it though.

  18. Mercedes on said:

    Beautiful Post! Awesome message! Happy TT!

  19. MamaGeek on said:

    This was really lovely Melanie. Happiest of Easter wishes to you and your family.

  20. Andrea on said:

    That was a great post!
    It really was a HUMUNGOUS sacrifice that God made for ME! (and YOU)

  21. Debbie on said:

    I don’t think we will ever be able to comprehend the great love of our Lord Jesus. I, too, am grateful.

  22. You are right, Melanie. We would do anything for our families – anything, even laying down our lives for them. But for someone else? I am not sure if I would.

    Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us.

    Blessings to you and yours – He is Risen!

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