Easter Craft

I saw this adorable Easter Egg wreath that Jennifer made with her kids a little while ago.  And I thought it was soooo cute.  But I thought Hailey might be a little young to try it.  Then I saw Andrea do it on her blog too- and her son is only a little older than Hailey, so I decided to go ahead and try it.

Of course I had to cut the “eggs” out.  But, Hailey did the coloring and even the gluing herself.  She LOVED it and cried when we were all done.  So, here are some pictures of the fun. 

Livin’ With Me

Livin’ With Me

Livin’ With Me

Livin’ With Me

Livin’ With Me

Hailey was so proud when she saw her Easter Egg wreath hanging up.

Then we I made some bunny ears for Hailey.

Livin’ With Me

Livin’ With Me

But, it was more fun to try to get Dottie to wear the ears than for Hailey to leave them on.


Livin' With Me!

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18 comments on “Easter Craft

  1. How cute! She looks like she is having so much fun. And the bunny ears are very cute! Good for you! I’m such a loser, lazy mommy! Crafts would just interfere with my blogging and Ashlyn’s tv viewing ;)

  2. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on said:

    That looks like a fun project! And she makes an adorable bunny too. :)

  3. Ashley on said:

    Those are wonderful pictures and the craft is just perfect. I do love the bunny ears on Dottie, however.

  4. Mercedes on said:

    I love these pictures! I am getting ideas for my class-hope you don’t mind! Thanks for adding me to the Blogaholics Anonymous Blogroll! Thanks for visiting me too!Have a great weekend!

  5. jennifer on said:

    Both turned out great. I am glad she had so much fun.
    I hope you guys have a great Easter!!!!

  6. regina on said:

    How cute! she looks so busy!

  7. Denise on said:

    She was definitely having fun.

  8. Shalini on said:

    Very cute and busy Hailey looks! Absolutely adorable :)

  9. How fun :)
    She looks like a proud little crafter!!

  10. Saralynn on said:

    how cute! she is a doll!
    That looks fun, I will have to try that with my little one

  11. mama meji on said:

    That looks like fun. It really is a great idea. Hailey is truly enjoying herself. I would love to do this one with Matt, maybe tomorrow – since it’s my dayoff. It’s a little late but then Matt wouldn’t mind, wold he?

    Happy Easter!

  12. Rachel on said:

    Melanie-your daughter is so beautiful. I love the hat and the best is the one putting the hat on your dog. Too cute. Happy Easter.

  13. Mercedes on said:

    Hey Melanie!
    Just dropped by to invite you to participate in Scrumptious Sunday (theme-cakes) at Mercedes Rocks: http://mercedesrocks.wordpress.com

    Happy Easter!

  14. I just wanted to stop by and say Happy Easter!

  15. Aisha on said:

    She is so cute especially with the bunny ears! :) Made me smile.

  16. Lifesong on said:

    What great crafts! I love both the egg wreath and the bunny ears. Looks like lots of fun! Even though Easter is nearly over, I should still make those with my girls. They would LOVE them!!

  17. We are THAT family on said:

    That is the sweetest Easter craft EVER! Great job–both of you.

  18. JennieBoo on said:

    She is just to cute! And she did a wonderful job on her wreath.

    YOU did a wonderful job on her bunny ears.

    Dottie did a wonderful job of humoring Hailey…..

    Happy Easter!

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