It’s A Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet, I’m so glad you’ve decided to stop by.

(For my non-blogging friends who are wondering what I am talking about- 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting the “Ultimate Blog Party” where all of us bloggers write a little post about ourselves and then sign Mr. Linky over at 5 Minutes for Mom inviting the other bloggers to stop by.)

So- where was I?  Telling all of my visitors a bit about myself- I am married to the love of my life, Rich.  I am step-mom to 15 year old Brooke (who will be 16 in April) and I am mommy to 17-month old Hailey. 

When Hailey was born I decided to leave my teaching job to stay home full time with her.  A little over a year ago I was playing around on the Internet one day and I thought, “Hmmmm, I think I’ll try starting a blog.”  I thought that maybe I would upload some pictures once or twice a month to share with family and friends so that they could see what we were up to.

And now?  Well, I have two blogs and I post several times a day on both of them.  I am truly addicted.  (And by the way, if you haven’t joined my Blogaholics Anonymous Blogroll do be sure to check that out and leave me a comment if you’d like to join.)

I think I’m a pretty typical mommy blogger.  For the most part my blog is all about me and my family and the stuff that happens here from day to day.  I write about the adventures of being a stay-at-home mommy to a toddler, I talk about the fun I have with my family, and I complain about trying to lose some pregnancy weight (can I still call it that, 17 months later?). 

I’ve also recently started hosting Meme Monday where we save up all of our memes and post them each Monday.  It’s a way to help everyone keep up with all of the memes we get tagged to do.  So, if you’d like to join in- stop by on Monday and sign Mr. Linky so that all of the participants can check out your memes.

I hope you’ll grab a cup of coffee and stick around for a while.  Make sure to leave a comment for me so that I can stop by and visit you too!

If you have a chance- stop by my other blog Our Happy Happenings.

PRIZES:  There are tons of great prizes being given away at the Ultimate Blog Party.  My favorite prizes are:

  • #1- Black and White Rocking Horse
  • #32- Living the Dream Mom T-shirt
  • #85- Noah’s ABC Stacking blocks
  • Any of the gift certificates or cash
  • Anything toddler related- I have a 17 month old

Livin' With Me!

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160 comments on “It’s A Party

  1. Carol Van Rooy on said:

    Two blogs?!? Wow, you are one busy lady.

    Have a great party!!!

  2. Mercedes on said:

    Hey Melanie! Hailey is a beautiful name. My last name is Haley. I am definitely a blogoholic. I have also recently become addicted to memes! I just created a new site hosting two new memes: Scrumptious Sunday and Hump Day Humor.Come on over and check them out! Mercedes Rocks:

    Feel free to stop by my party anytime:

  3. sprittibee on said:

    Nice clean site. Very cute poll with the rotating political animals. ;) I would love to join your blogoholic blogroll! ;) Blogrolls sound like a techie dessert, right? :)

    Glad to meet you. Enjoy your party!

  4. Ginny on said:

    Great blog, I think this is the first time I’ve been here. Stop by & visit :)

  5. Kristi on said:

    I always love a good, clean party :)
    great blog!

  6. LaTara Ham-Ying on said:

    Nice to meet you and thanks for the invite!

  7. Alana on said:

    I will definitely be back for the blogoholic button – have a great week and enjoy your party!

  8. Jerri on said:

    Hey. Nice to meet you. You have a great blog. I’m interested in joining your blogroll, so I’ll definitely be back when I have more time to get the code and contact you again. Happy Party!

  9. Fiona on said:

    Who ever thought there was blog parties? Not me but how much fun are they! Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Check out mine if you have a chance.

    Take care

  10. Susan on said:

    Where does everyone fnd the time…

  11. Sanja on said:

    nice to meet you! greetings from austria!

  12. Marie J on said:

    You post SEVERAL times a day? COOL! I’ve been looking for blogs that have stuff to actually read, cuz if I try to read a BOOK I lose myself completely and people don’t get fed! I am apparently the most addicted of my local friends, anyway… You are going on my google reader!

    Bonus, 4 different posts and you haven’t cussed once!! Even better!

  13. Phyllis on said:

    Wow, so this is what your comment box looks like when your link is at the TOP of the list! =)

    Baby weight is acceptable for as long as six years (I used that excuse at least that long…when it finally started to melt away enough for folks to notice, I was preggers again. A girl this time! She is a joy and almost three…and I still have her baby weight to lose. hehee)

    I too am addicted to blogging, but I end up reading and commenting on others way more than I make my own entries. I am currently working to rectify that.

  14. Qtpies7~ on said:

    Love the party!
    You most certainly can claim baby weight no matter how long you keep it. Unless you lose it and then gain it back without a pregnancy. I have no intention of losing weight, it is hard work, and it will come back. I would rather call it baby weight.

    I added your addicts button to my site, please add me to your blog roll!
    Our Seven Qtpies at

  15. Lisa @ JujuBoo on said:

    Great blog! I have only been blogging since December but have already made over 110 posts. Somedays I blog 3-4 times. I think I have issues :)

  16. Taryn S on said:

    Happy Blog Party!

  17. momto4kidsny on said:

    Hi! I’m also adicted to blogging! You have a very nice blog and it was so nice to meet you! I plan to come back soon!

  18. So happy to have stopped by! I have a Hailey too! I’m laughing because I also have a blog called “Blogoholic’s Anonymous”, it’s more of a personal blog but boy, we sure do think a lot alike! Stop by my site during the UBP and enter to win a Peppermint Pattie Pedi kit at MumsTheWurd Hope to see you over there!

  19. The Single Mom on said:

    I have really enjoyed my visit to your little piece of the WWW – it’s a lovely place you have here! I say that if the weight is caused by ‘baby’ then it is ‘baby’ weight until it is gone! Come on! Any excuse a Mom can get – right? LOL Hope you are enjoying the party!

  20. Kirsten on said:

    How cool! I had to click on meme monday and see what it was! LOL

  21. Jen @ JenuineJen on said:

    You have a great blog. I really like the name of your blogroll. I will have to join it when I move my blog off to its own url. I hope you can stop by my blog party.

  22. kelley on said:

    Happy Blog Party! I am definitely going to check out the blogaholics anonymous blogroll, this blogging is addictive!


  23. Adrienne on said:

    It is nice to meet you. Thanks for the party I will be back again to check out the rest…lost of people to meet and places to see!

  24. Holly on said:

    Great site, so glad I stopped by. Have fun partying!

  25. You have a great blog! Can’t wait to check out blogaholics. It was nice to meet you. I hope you’ll come visit us over at Tari’s Time

  26. Brandie on said:

    Hello! I am most definitely addicted to blogging LOL! Seriously, how did we survive before we wrote in blogs? ;-)
    Have a great day!

  27. brittany yusten on said:

    i am working on my own website so i will join this party

  28. Great party!!!! I sure hope you can call it that still 17 months after having a baby or I’d be in trouble. I need to get these baby pounds off as well!! See you tomorrow on Meme Monday!!!

  29. Darlene on said:

    Party!! The blog party is so much fun. Nice to meet you.

  30. Linda at 2nd Cup on said:

    Hello, first time to visit here. Great party. Wow, that is a wide age spread in the fam. One of my brothers is 16 years older than I am. Come by and see me some time for a 2nd cup of Coffee!

  31. hey thanks for the party…
    I am going to be checking out your blog more once I am done all the partying…
    looks good

  32. Hi Melanie – good to meet you! I’m just makin’ the party rounds and thought I’d stop by. I actually just started today – jeepers, I’m never gonna make it through this list! Wonderful blog you have here – I’ve been exploring and have enjoyed it very much. Hope to see you on the tour!
    Blessings -

  33. Colleen on said:

    Oh, I so know what you mean about the baby weight! I’ve been trying to get rid of it for three years. Nice to meet you. Come by and visit my party at

  34. Christy on said:

    Hi! I found you from the Ultimate Blog Party and I just wanted to say hi. I’ve really enjoyed visiting your blog!

    I’d love for you to come visit me sometime as well. You can find me at If you like what you see, I’d love for you to add me to your feed or join my mailing list!

    See ya’ at the party!


  35. Jessica T on said:

    Wow! This is AMAZING! So many bloggers!

  36. DeAnna on said:

    Hi it is nice to meet you!!! I loved your blog. I had my first baby last february 2007. I also quit my job to be a SAHM. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  37. Pamela Kramer on said:

    Thank you for stopping by! I was very lucky to get the #1 position. I’m glad you enjoyed my site and I hope you have a great time blog hopping! I hope you listed your top choices for prizes! Take care.

  38. I’ve seen meme monday over at chuck’s (love her!) and have also seen the blogaholics anonymous. Now I know where to come to sign up! I will definintely be back!

  39. Cindy on said:

    Great blog and party! Come on over to mine, I am giving away a total of four, 4 ounce jars of african shea butter in different fragrances.

    Party on,

  40. Felicity on said:

    Hi… it is nice to meet you… have a great party… take care

  41. Hi! What a nice site. Makes me want to start my own blog!

  42. Stephanie on said:

    Nice to meet you! Love your digs. :)

  43. Hey there! I’m having such a good time perusing all the party’s wonderful blogs! I can’t believe how many of us there are! Stop by my blog, The Love List, and leave a comment on my party entry for a chance to win a “Blog Botox” package from Poppy Seed Design!

    Party On,

  44. I love the tagline for your blog. The years really are short aren’t they?! I have only been blogging since September ’07 (i think)…I keep seeing the Monday MeMe thing…can you tell me what this is?? I have been blogging for family and friends mostly (I think this party will change that) :-) Having fun partying! Hope you are too.
    Nice to meet you – have a blessed day!

  45. Michele on said:

    Happy blog party! I love your site. Nice to meet you.

  46. Katie on said:

    Nice to “meet” you through the party!! I’d take your voting poll but there’s no option for “other” :-)

  47. April W on said:

    What a cute blog you have. Nice to meet you. I will stop by again sometime!

  48. Tonya McManus on said:

    Thank you This Is Great

  49. I love your tagline – days are long, years are short. Oh so true. I think I might be a blogaholic – I’ll be back to join the club later. In the meantime, come check me out.


  50. Crystal F on said:

    Nice to meet ya! My 3 yr. olds name is Haley!

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