Pain Worse Than Childbirth

Rich has been having some problems with his foot.  He hurt it quite a while ago at work and it seems to be getting worse.  He finally decided it was time to go see the doctor since it had been over two years since he originally hurt it.  It’s best to make sure there is really a problem before you head to the doctor you know.

Anyhoo- he went to the doctor who referred him to a foot specialist.  So, last Monday we all went to the foot doctor.  Yes, all three of us went.  (Please tell me, is it only my husband?  Or do your husbands beg you to go with them if they have to go to the doctor?)  Keeping Hailey occupied in the waiting room is not fun, but that is another story for another day.

And so.  The foot doctor made this special little foot thingee for Rich to wear.  He’s been wearing it for a week and it has actually made his foot hurt in a different place.  So, Rich asked me to call the doctor for him (because- goodness gracious- we wouldn’t want him to call himself).

On Wednesday we went to see the foot doctor again.  Hailey and I waited in the car this time (with the DVD player).  Rich came out not too long after looking quite white.

“I passed out.”  He told me.

“Are you serious?  Are you okay?”  I asked him.

“Well, I almost passed out.” He responded.

It turns out the doctor told him he could choose surgery or a cortisone shot.  Rich thought he’d go with the shot.  Apparently the shot was quite painful.  On his way out of the office, Rich started to feel hot and dizzy.  The receptionist was trying to get some information from him for his next appointment and Rich told her how he was feeling.

The doctor heard what Rich said and came rushing out and told him to lay down on the floor.  They gave him a chair to put his feet up on because they were worried he was about to pass out.  They kept him for a while and the doctor checked his pulse and made sure he was okay before he let him leave.

So, while he didn’t actually pass out he felt bad enough that he insisted that I drive home because he was not feeling well.  He emphasized that this was the very reason why it is important that I always come with him for appointments.  Because you just never know.

For the rest of the afternoon and evening Rich continued to tell me how I could not possibly comprehend the pain he was in when the doctor gave him the cortisone shot in his foot.

Finally I said, “You know what?  I think I can imagine pretty severe pain.  I have a feeling that giving birth probably hurt more than your cortisone shot.”

“No,” he replied, “I think the cortisone shot probably hurt more than giving birth does.  After all, giving birth did not cause you to almost pass out.”

Excuse me?  What do you think ladies?  Are men really that wimpy?  While I do think that the shot probably hurt quite a bit, I don’t think it can compare to labor.  So- if there is a woman out there who has had to endure both kinds of pain- please do tell…. which is worse?

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Livin' With Me!

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7 comments on “Pain Worse Than Childbirth

  1. I am at a loss for words on this one! A shot being worse then childbirth??? I think not. I have not had both so I guess I can’t really say that. And I will give Rich that fact that usually when you get a shot it is in a meaty part and there isn’t much meaty part to a food….but still. I am pretty sure childbirth pain can make you pass out since I have seen all those movies where it happens (you know if you see it on tv, it must be true!?!).

    Anyway….I hope Rich’s foot feels better soon and you don’t have to take him to the doctor and call to check on it (you know, like you do for your actual child)

  2. zamejias on said:

    Oh God! I have higher tolerance to pain -my OB said so – but when I say that labor and giving birth is painful, that is not an overstatement.

    Of course, Rich wouldn’t know. Although this kinda make me giggle – you post, I know what you’re saying. Heheh.

    Anyway, I hope Rich feels better. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Well I guess Rick should be glad that he will never have to find out which pain is truly worse.
    Now Keith has had kidney stones–they say that is very bad pain. My pastors wife says it is very similar to childbirth pain.

    But a shot-seriously?
    Bottom line…guys are wimps when it comes to pain.

  4. Oh, too funny. I haven’t had a cortizone shot, and I’m sure they’re painful…but worse than labour? I don’t know about that…

  5. Mama Grizzly on said:

    Men are hilarious, aren’t they? Worse than childbirth? Is he STILL in pain? Did the initial pain last for hours and hours with no relief? And, then did he have pain “down there” for weeks? Tell him to try squeezing a watermelon out of his pee pee…. ;-)

  6. Personally I think men are wimps!! The hubby acts like that when just getting blood drawn, he is such a baby. He always wants me to take him to appointments also, your not the only one…….

  7. Debbie on said:

    Hi Melanie,
    I was actually looking at your blogsite cause I heard there were pictures of Thanksgiving at Dave and Rita’s on the Graham family’s site, and I thought (and I was right!) you might have theier site on yours’. So I did see them, thanks. But I could not let this one pass! OK I have done child birth AND 2 cortisone shots- both in my elbow. Now a foot is not meaty, but then again, I hardly think the elbow is either. So I am here to say, Yes he is a wimp. End of discussion. And I’m so glad to hear Hailey is feeling better. Love, Cousin Deb

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