That is the number of times that Hailey asked me today, “What’s that?” 

I’m sure she is just getting me ready for the days when she will be constantly asking me, “Why?”


Livin' With Me!

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12 comments on “1,437,629

  1. Just stopping in to say Hi.
    I guess I need to save this page so that I can check on posts.

  2. mrs wibbs on said:

    did you really really count’em all?!?!? If you did you’re just as bad as your daughter… ;) I’m also wondering how long it took you to count them up, and whether you actually did anything else that day??

  3. You are absolutely right -it is only the beginning!!!! As she grows older, the questions will get harder.

  4. Children continually ask why, it never stops…at least that’s what my mother says! I wonder why she says that??

  5. LOL!! That’s too funny. I have been there, princess is out of that stage, but monkey is not too far away from it. YIKES!!!!

    Thanks so much for stopping in and commenting on my Thursday Thirteen! I hope you come back again :-)

  6. There’s no rush. You can do it at your own pace. Will you be keeping the other blog too, or should I just change the url?

  7. Oh yes- it begins! You have read my posts about Ashlyn and her whys. I used to think it was great because she was curious and interested…now I sometimes just wish for silence for just a minute!

  8. That is the way it goes!! Grams

  9. Matthew James Didier on said:

    I’m forty and I still haven’t stopped asking “What’s That?” and “Why?”

  10. Oh, girl…HAVE FUN! It just keeps getting better!! At least right now you can still answer simply. As they get older, they don’t just want answers, they want EXPLANATIONS too!

  11. zamejias on said:

    Heheh. She’ll gonna ask more in the coming days. Goodluck.

  12. haha! There will be so many more phrases she will drive you nuts with!!

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