Because You’ve Been Asking

Ever since I posted about Hailey being sick here and here and then about the unusual thing she does with here eyes here you have been emailing me to ask me how she is doing.  So, I want to thank all of you- thank you for the sweet comments you left me.  Thank you for the emails you sent me.  And, mostly thank you for your prayers.

Hailey is finally feeling better.  I was able to put the nebulizer machine away last night.  Oddly enough, Hailey cried when she saw me packing it up.  She has started to like doing it because while she is breathing in the mist we have been playing games on the computer with her.  So, she actually ended up liking it because she doesn’t usually get to play on the computer.

I am hoping that Hailey will stay healthy for a while.  But, I’m coming down with a cold now so I am worried that she’ll catch what I have and that she’ll end up so sick like she was before.  I think we’re going to stay away from some of our mommy groups for a little while just to give Hailey’s immune system a chance to get strong again.  Once she’s been healthy for a couple of weeks we’ll start going again.  Otherwise I will start to slowly lose what is left of my mind if I do not have any adult interaction all day long.

Since Hailey has been feeling better the thing she does with her eyes has also been better.  I still see it occassionally when she’s tired, but nothing like when she was sick.  She has an appointment on the 15th to see a different doctor (hers will be out on maternity leave) and I am going to insist that we be referred to a neurologist. 

I have certainly felt your prayers- as I have been sleeping better and I am not feeling sick to my stomach with worry all of the time either.  So, thank you so much for your comments, emails, thoughts and prayers.  I will keep you updated.

My parents, brother and sister-in-law will be arriving tomorrow.  So, I probably won’t be posting as I will be too busy having fun with them.  Have a wonderful weekend!


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7 comments on “Because You’ve Been Asking

  1. Hi, I am glad Hailey is feeling better! I hope you are not comming down with a cold!! It snowed here today and it is cold…. I have been slow in my blogging! and posting too! Love and Hugs Grams

  2. I’m glad she is feeling a bit better. It is so hard when kids are sick…we want to make them better and we just have to wait it out. I am glad that the eye thing is better too since she is feeling better. I am sure that having another appointment and seeing a neurologist will help you either feel better or gain more information. Good for you! Enjoy the time with your family…sorry your Christmas was so quiet. Glad you will see your family soon though! Oh, and a new laptop! Woo hoo! I’m jealous!!

  3. Thanks for the update. I’m so glad to hear that things are starting to settle down. Now we just have to pray that little Hailey doesn’t catch your cold!

    I’m very happy to hear that her eye issue has been improving too — but I’m glad that you are going to insist on seeing a neurologist. Better to get it checked out, even if you are seeing positive changes.

    Enjoy bringing in the new year with your family!!

  4. Hey, just a thought…I wonder if the eye thing could have been a side-effect of the nebulizer or another medicine. Sometimes steroids have do temporary, but weird things to you.

    Also, you’ll see, as Hailey gets older, she’ll get sick a lot less frequently. It’s just that she’s getting exposed to things for the first time, so she gets everything.

  5. Memoirs of a Mommy on said:

    I am so glad to hear that Hailey is doing better. Please keep us updated on what the Neurologist says.

  6. MilitaryMom on said:

    I’m glad your little one is feeling better. It sucks being sick over Christmas!

    About your peel away ad, to be honest I didn’t see it, and had to look for it after I read the post. But it’s a good idea if you can get an advertiser. Good luck! Happy New Year!

  7. my4kids on said:

    I’m glad to hear Hailey is feelng better. I missed these posts when I wasn’t keeping up with anyones blogs, I feel bad about that. I would surely have been praying for your family as well.
    I hope they are able to find out if something is going on.

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