Birthday Trip to the Great Wolf Lodge

October 12th, 2013 Melanie Posted in Celebrations, Family, Hailey, Hunter, Vacation No Comments »

Hailey decided that she wanted to take a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge for her birthday this year instead of having a party. We invited my parents to come along and we had so much fun!


Hunter and Hailey checking out our room- we had a Kid Kamp room and they loved it!


The water park


Another view of the water park

After we checked out the water park it was time for dinner.


Hunter at dinner


Hailey with a birthday cupcake at dinner, after they sang Happy Birthday to her


Next we went to story time


Hunter and Hailey with Violet


All ready for bed on our first night

Day 2:


Hailey working on a quest


Making a stuffed Violet


Glow in the dark mini golf




Of course- fun in the water park!


Hunter loved the water!


So big going down the slides.

Day 3:


While we were playing around in the water park, my parents secretly decorated our room for Hailey’s birthday.


More decorations


More decorations


Hailey walking in and seeing the room all decorated for her birthday


Eating lunch and getting ready to open presents- she decided she should start opening her presents at 1:34pm, the time she was born.


Posing with her birthday banner


We went out to eat at Friendly’s


Then came back to our room for cake

Day 4:

More fun in the water park:





















After a day of fun in the water park and some time working on the quests it was time to head home.


One last picture before we left.

We had such a fun weekend!!

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July 4th Party

July 20th, 2013 Melanie Posted in Celebrations, Family No Comments »

We had our annual 4th of July party this year.  It was a weekend full of fun- starting with a surprise 60th birthday party for my dad on Friday night.  The next morning we all went to my parents house where my Uncle Dave made his famous omelets for breakfast.  We pretty much spent the rest of the weekend eating, talking, laughing and just having fun together.  I didn’t take very many pictures for some reason though, so here’s the few that I have:

Livin With Me

Uncle Ralph and Rich

Livin With Me

Fruit platter  (it’s a monkey, but I’m sure you already knew that)

Livin With Me

Talking, laughing and listening to my dad share some of the “60 Years of Memories” he was given at his birthday party.

Livin With Me

Hunter didn’t want to miss any of the excitement, so he would not take a nap.  He fell asleep playing instead.

Livin With Me

Anika and Hailey enjoying the pool.

It was a wonderful weekend!!  We loved seeing lots of family and missed the ones who couldn’t be there.

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Surprise 60th Party!

June 30th, 2013 Melanie Posted in Celebrations, Family No Comments »

Friday was my dad’s 60th birthday. He thought that my brother Matt and my sister-in-law Ellie were coming from out of town to go out to dinner with all of us for his birthday.  Unbeknownst to him we had been planning a surprise party for him :-)   It all started as Ellie and Matt’s idea and they did so much work to make everything come together.  It turned out great!!!

On Friday Matt and Ellie drove up to our house and cooked some food to prepare for the party.  My dad had no idea they were even in town.  Then they went to the place where we were having the party and decorate and got everything all set up.

Livin With Me

All decorated with a few guests in the background.

Livin With Me

The cake and punch table.  See the poster with all the pictures, and notice the pictures are in the shape of a 60.

Livin With Me

Ellie had a great idea where she asked people to share a favorite memory or 2 about my dad… then she put them in these envelopes for him to read.

Matt and Ellie called my dad and said they were going to have to meet up with all of us at the restaurant instead of at my parents’ house.  So, my parents went to the restaurant where he thought we were having dinner.  When they got there, Matt and Ellie met them there and said they had been unable to get a table so we were going somewhere else.  Then they brought him to where the party was…

Livin With Me


He was shocked, at least he said he was, and he really did act pretty surprised.

Livin With Me

Guests getting some food

Livin With Me

A wonderful celebration for my wonderful dad!

Livin With Me

Hunter sure does look up to Pa.

Livin With Me

Reading some of the memories that people shared.

Livin With Me

Happy Birthday!!

The party was a huge success!!  We had a great turn out and it was wonderful to see all the people who love my dad!!  The only thing that could have made it better would have been if my brother Mike had been able to be there.  He had taken time off of work when we went on our family beach trip last month and then he just bought a new house, so he wasn’t able to come :-(   and we definitely missed him.  There were some other family members who couldn’t be there and we definitely missed them as well.  But it was still a great party and a wonderful time!!

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Family Pictures

June 12th, 2013 Melanie Posted in Family, Hailey, Hunter, Me, Rich, Vacation No Comments »

We took some family pictures while we were at the beach.  I’m convinced that when you see pictures of families on the beach that they can’t really be taken on the beach.  It was so windy, so all of us had hair blowing every which way.  And everyone was either squinting or wearing their sunglasses.  Anyway, I still think we got some good pictures!

Livin With Me

Grandma and Pa with Hunter and Hailey

Livin With Me

All of us

Livin With Me

All of us again

Livin With Me

Me, Rich, Hunter and Hailey… this represents Hunter perfectly ;-)

Livin With Me

Ellie and Matt

Livin With Me

My parents, with Rich photobombing

Livin With Me

The girls

Livin With Me

The guys

Livin With Me

Uncle Mike and Hunter

Livin With Me


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