Surprise 60th Party!

Friday was my dad’s 60th birthday. He thought that my brother Matt and my sister-in-law Ellie were coming from out of town to go out to dinner with all of us for his birthday.  Unbeknownst to him we had been planning a surprise party for him :-)   It all started as Ellie and Matt’s idea and they did so much work to make everything come together.  It turned out great!!!

On Friday Matt and Ellie drove up to our house and cooked some food to prepare for the party.  My dad had no idea they were even in town.  Then they went to the place where we were having the party and decorate and got everything all set up.

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All decorated with a few guests in the background.

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The cake and punch table.  See the poster with all the pictures, and notice the pictures are in the shape of a 60.

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Ellie had a great idea where she asked people to share a favorite memory or 2 about my dad… then she put them in these envelopes for him to read.

Matt and Ellie called my dad and said they were going to have to meet up with all of us at the restaurant instead of at my parents’ house.  So, my parents went to the restaurant where he thought we were having dinner.  When they got there, Matt and Ellie met them there and said they had been unable to get a table so we were going somewhere else.  Then they brought him to where the party was…

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He was shocked, at least he said he was, and he really did act pretty surprised.

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Guests getting some food

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A wonderful celebration for my wonderful dad!

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Hunter sure does look up to Pa.

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Reading some of the memories that people shared.

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Happy Birthday!!

The party was a huge success!!  We had a great turn out and it was wonderful to see all the people who love my dad!!  The only thing that could have made it better would have been if my brother Mike had been able to be there.  He had taken time off of work when we went on our family beach trip last month and then he just bought a new house, so he wasn’t able to come :-(   and we definitely missed him.  There were some other family members who couldn’t be there and we definitely missed them as well.  But it was still a great party and a wonderful time!!


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