I Have Nothing To Say…

February 16th, 2008 Melanie Posted in Blah Blah Blogging 9 Comments »

…and yet I still feel led to post.  I did post on Our Happy Happenings, my very first Friday’s Feast, so feel free to stop over there to read an actual post.

Since it was so much fun to do my random post on Tuesday it’s going to be another all over the place post today. 

If you haven’t checked out 5 Minutes for Mom recently- be sure to stop by and check out the information about the upcoming Ultimate Blog Party.  It’s a great way to meet some new bloggy friends and to hopefully gain some new readers at your blog.   It is being held the week of March 7-14, so you still have time to decide if you want to participate and what you want to do if you do participate.

Next Friday, February 22, Pam is hosting another round of Random Recipes.  This time we are going to post our favorite breakfast recipe.  I don’t know about you- but I love breakfast.  I love it so much that quite often we have breakfast for dinner.  So, be sure to think up something good and post your recipe next Friday, then stop over at Pam’s to sign Mr. Linky so everyone can visit your blog and see your yummy recipe.

One of my favorite blogs, and one I read everyday, is BooMama.  Her posts are always excellent, but I just have to tell you that this week- her posts have really been touching me.  She is in Uganda right now with Compassion where a team of bloggers have been live blogging about what they have been seeing.  One post in particular, The Faces, left me with tears streaming down my face.  Some of the things I worry about and think are important just do not even matter.  I have never seen or even imagined the poverty that BooMama has been talking about.  It never even occurred to me that children could be so poor that they wouldn’t even know what their own faces looked like- because they have never even seen a mirror.  I have just been rethinking what truly matters and how fortunate we really are. 

Lastly, be sure to come back for Meme Monday.  Save up your memes and your awards, post them on Monday- then come here to sign Mr. Linky and visit the other participants.

Have a wonderful weekend and make sure you stop by to read some of BooMama’s posts from this week.  I guarantee that your heart will be touched.

Livin’ With Me!

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It’s My Very First Post!

December 17th, 2007 Melanie Posted in Blah Blah Blogging 15 Comments »

It’s my very first post on my very own blog. 

Isn’t this exciting?  It’s a work in progress, so don’t expect a whole lot yet.  But, do check back because I plan to be posting here every day.

I’d appreciate it so much if you would add my new blog to your blogroll. Thank you very much!

Livin' With Me!

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