It’s My Very First Post!

It’s my very first post on my very own blog. 

Isn’t this exciting?  It’s a work in progress, so don’t expect a whole lot yet.  But, do check back because I plan to be posting here every day.

I’d appreciate it so much if you would add my new blog to your blogroll. Thank you very much!

Livin' With Me!


Livin' With Me!

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15 comments on “It’s My Very First Post!

  1. This is a great looking site Melanie.

  2. I will check out your new blog daily. I love reading what you write.

  3. MilitaryMom on said:

    I like the look of this Melanie! Very pretty. I’ll add you to the blogroll later tonight!

  4. Hey this is nice!! Congrats. on all the hard work!! I know building this isn’t easy!! You all did a fine job!! I don’t know if I can add you tonight but as soon as possible I will add this blog site to my side bar!! Love and Hugs Grams

  5. very cute design!

  6. WorksForMom on said:

    It looks awesome, I like the design!

  7. Very nice! You (and Rich) did a fabulous job. I’ll add it tonight to my blogroll…as soon as I get myself straightened out again!

  8. Very nice, my friend! Love it!!

  9. Very nice new blog – congratulations! I will come see you often. Take care. Kellan

  10. Shalini on said:

    Nice template.. looks very cute :)

  11. Napaboaniya on said:

    Congrats on ur new blog :) I’ll be back to visit often :) Merry X’mas!

  12. oooooooohhhh, I am so mad at you right now!!! You didn’t tell me you had a new spot. WHY AM I THE LAST ONE TO KNOW!! You know I get very emotional and I don’t like change… *I’m hyperventilating*
    But fine if you must move on then I guess it is ok… sorry I digress… Let’s start this over…

    Hey Melanie this is an awesome new site you got here, I love it! I’ll blogroll you immediately!

    I hope that was better! Congrats!
    Love Ya!

  13. Hi Melanie! Welcome to the world of blogging. Have fun ;)

  14. Welcome. I like your blog so far! Thanks for visiting mine today. Hope to see you around.

  15. I love your new blog! It’s cute.
    Are you going to go to just blogging here? Or continue on the other one as well?

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