Hunter is 2 1/2

Livin With Me

Hunter at 2 1/2 with Tigger

Livin With Me

Hunter enjoys doing Tot School with me while Hailey does her school work.  He is working on learning his letters- he does recognize some of them, but we need to keep working on that.

Livin With Me

Hunter knows all of his colors and he loves coloring.

Livin With Me

He loves it when Hailey reads to him.

Livin With Me

Books are one of his favorite things.

Livin With Me

I just had to share this picture to show the Mickey and Minnie that he is holding in his hand.  He brings those everywhere! He loves his little Mickey and Minnie.

Hunter is so much fun!  I think this age has to be one of my favorites.  He talks non stop and tells all sorts of stories.  If anyone asks him about Disney World he will talk and talk about our trip that we took- he’ll tell all about the characters we saw, the rides he went on, and what he liked and didn’t like.  He loves playing with all of his different Disney figures that he has- he uses different voices for all of his toys and has such an active imagination.  He is a super sweet and loving little boy!!

Hunter is 30.6 pounds and is 36.5 inches tall.  He wears size 2 T clothes.


Livin' With Me!

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