Christmas Vacation Fun

I loved having Hailey home with me everyday for Christmas vacation.  I know some parents like it when their kids are at school, but I love having her home.  Anyways, we had a lot of fun over her Christmas vacation, which went by way too fast.  Here are some pictures of the fun:

Hailey asked for lots of Lego Friends for Christmas and she got quite a few sets.  The first one she wanted to do was Olivia’s House.  It was the biggest set she got, 695 pieces, and she decided that she wanted to do it completely by herself.  She worked and worked on it.

Hunter loving one of his new toys.

Hailey made these delicious cupcakes in her new Easy Bake Oven.

She tested one to see if it was good (it was).

Hailey with the completed Olivia’s House, front view.

And back view.  She worked so hard and there is so much detail in these sets.  I was proud of her for doing it all by herself!

We had some snow, so I wanted Hunter to get to go outside and experience playing in it for the first time.

He thought it was interesting for a few minutes.  He got tired of it pretty quickly.  The snow was pretty deep and he fell over every time he tried to stand up, so he didn’t last very long in the snow.

Hailey loves playing in the snow.

Trying to avoid a snowball that Rich threw at her.

Hunter all ready to cheer on the Vikings… the outfit must have worked because they won!


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