Christmas 2012

I was so excited about Christmas this year!  Since Hunter just turned 1, I knew he was going to be fun this year.  And of course, Hailey is 6 and that is fun age too!

Hailey and Hunter on Christmas Eve, all ready for an evening of fun.  First they each opened up 2 presents (new Christmas pjs and a new Christmas book, a tradition that we do every year).  Then we went out to dinner with my parents and my brother Mike.  After dinner we went to my Aunt Winnie’s house for our annual Christmas Eve celebration.  I took a few pictures there but none were great, so the one above is all I have from Christmas Eve.

Hailey watched all the way home to see if she could spot Santa and she was pretty sure she some something :-)   When we got home we got our cookies ready for Santa and then Hailey went right to bed.

Cookies for Santa- Hailey picked out one stocking cookie for each family member for Santa to eat.

Looks like Santa stopped by!


On Christmas morning Hailey and Hunter slept in until about 7:30am.  I was awake before they were, wondering when everyone was going to wake up!

Hailey was pretty excited to see all the presents that Santa left.  She divided them and then the kids got busy opening their gifts.

Hunter opening one of his presents.

Hailey working on her pile of gifts.

Hunter wasn’t really sure what to think!

Yay!  Lego friends!!

Hunter enjoyed standing on his gifts.

After the gifts were all opened, Hunter took a nap while Hailey played with some new toys.  Then it was time to get ready to go see all the grandparents.

Hunter and Hailey all ready to go.

We went to Rich’s parents’ house first and exchanged gifts there.  After that we went to my parents’ house.  We ate dinner and then opened some more gifts.

Hailey was excited when it was finally time to open presents!

Hailey’s number one request this year was a tablet and that was all we heard about!  She didn’t get one from us or from Santa or from Rich’s parents, so she was starting to get worried that she wasn’t getting one.  She was so happy when she opened one up from Grandma and Pa!  At first she didn’t know what it was since it was in the box, but once she realized what it was she was soooo happy!

Hailey spent lots of time playing with her new tablet.

Hunter seemed to enjoy Grandma’s new carpet that she got for the middle of the living room.

We had such a wonderful Christmas!!  It was a busy but fun filled day!


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