Knoebels Fun 2012

We recently took a little day trip to Knoebels.  It was the perfect day to go!  Rich took a day off during the week so we could go on a Tuesday.  The crowds were nice and low and the weather was perfect.  It was kind of overcast, so it didn’t get too horribly hot.  It didn’t rain until we were almost home- and then it poured!  But the weather was perfect all day while we were there.

Hailey and Hunter when we first arrived.  Hunter’s first time at an amusement park!  Surely not his last though, since he’s in a family that loves Disney World :-)

Hailey and me waiting for the first ride of the day.  Since I was pregnant last summer I didn’t get to go on many rides… so Hailey was pretty excited to take me on this one.

Just me and Hailey- I love how she is looking at me laughing.  Probably pleased to see how soaking wet I was!

Rich’s turn to get drenched.

Hunter did great!  He watched all the people and loved watching Hailey go on the rides.  He was soooo good.

She sure does love the rides.

Hunter’s first ride.  He seemed to like it and enjoyed playing with the steering wheel.

Hailey got to go on some of the bigger rides by herself.  Last year she did the kiddie rides without an adult, but this year we let her do some of the bigger rides alone.  My little miss is growing up too fast!!

We were eating ice cream cones and Hunter kept watching and wanting to eat some too.  So I let him try some chocolate ice cream.  He absolutely loved it!  After every bite he would open his mouth right back up for more.

This was my favorite ride.

Hailey on the log ride all by herself.

Hunter taking a little nap… he was a tired little boy!

Hailey is quite the little driver.  She won the race!

It was such a fun and relaxing day!  We always have a great time at Knoebels and can’t wait to go back.


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