5 1/2

Some of the things that Hailey says that I find entertaining:

Instead of saying “Just so you know” Hailey says “Just for you know…”


Hailey pronounces together “to-gell-er”


The other day I squeezed Hailey’s knee and she giggled, so I told her that if her knees are ticklish it means she likes the boys. She said, “Well mom, that is true. I DO like the boys.”


I have to tell Hailey to be quiet while I feed Hunter or he looks for her and won’t eat.  So when I tell her that, she asks a bunch of questions like: “What if there is a fire? or if I’m bleeding? or if I get sick? or I see a stranger?”


Instead of saying something is in a different language, Hailey always says it is in different English.


The other night while I was feeding Hunter, Hailey came out to me and whispered, “I did something bad.” (She always tells on herself!) When I asked her what she had done she told me she had written on her drawer. So I went in her room to see the damage… on the front of her dresser she had written, “I like you Mom and Dad.”


Livin' With Me!

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