Happy Easter 2012

Here are some pictures from our Easter weekend

The day before Easter:

Hailey with her Easter basket from Grandma and Pa

Hunter with his Easter basket from Grandma and Pa… his first Easter basket :-)

Hailey all ready to dye her Easter eggs.

Working hard to make her creations beautiful.

Hunter with his first Easter egg… made courtesy of Hailey

Studying her eggs, deciding what to do

Checking out the holes in their heads

Hailey and her completed eggs


Hunter and Hailey’s eggs left out for the Easter Bunny.

Pictures from Easter Sunday:

Hailey found Hunter’s basket first since the Easter Bunny made it so easy to find.

It took Hailey a few more minutes to find hers.  The Easter Bunny made hers a little harder to find.

Hailey and her Easter basket.

Hunter checking out his Easter basket.

My little man

Hailey looking beautiful, Hunter looking unimpressed with posing for pictures (but handsome, nonetheless).

We are so blessed to have Hailey and Hunter!!!!

My amazing little miss

My wonderful little man cub

We had dinner at my parents house after church.  Here Hailey shows off the cake she made the day before (with help from Grandma).  Hailey picked chocolate cake, chocolate frosting and a side of chocolate ice cream.  (Think she likes chocolate at all??)


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