New Years Eve

We had a New Years Eve party at our house this year.  Thankfully I didn’t have to actually do any of the work (not only was I still recovering from my c-section, but I was also sick due to a staph infection, but that is coming in another post).  I did clean our house some, but for the most part Rich did most of the cleaning.  My mom and Ellie did the snack preparation and Matt made some delicious chicken wings for the party.  I didn’t even take very many pictures as I just didn’t feel good.

Hunter enjoyed his first New Years Eve :-)  He was sound asleep when the ball dropped though.

Hailey had so much fun!  She had really been looking forward to seeing Aunt Ellie and Uncle Matt.

Hailey playing “Don’t Wake Daddy” with Aunt Ellie and Uncle Matt.

My dad… I can’t remember the name of the game and we didn’t actually play it, but we had fun calling out answers rather than playing by the real rules.

We all made it until midnight (except Hunter).  Hailey fell asleep about 2 minutes after the ball dropped.  It was a fun party… I just wished I had felt better.


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