3 Weeks Old

I can’t believe it’s already been 3 weeks since Hunter was born.  Once he turns 1 month I’ll probably just do monthly updates, unless of course there is something big to report.

Hunter is not a big fan of tummy time.  I’m pretty sure he’s giving me the evil eye for making him do it.

Little feet :-)

Hailey is so good with Hunter.  She is the best big sister!  She wants to play with him everyday.  She shows him his toys and reads books to him.  I love watching her with Hunter.

A little kiss for her baby brother.

3 weeks old… he’s already changed so much!!

The other day I left Hunter in his crib watching his mobile while I went to wash my hands after changing his diaper.  He didn’t have his pacifier when I left the room (it was next to him in his crib), but when I came back it was in his hand and he was pushing it on his face like he was trying to get it in his mouth.

Hunter has started “talking” to us.  He says “goo” and “ahh.”  I love the sound of his little voice!

Hunter tried his first bottle at 3 weeks, 1 day.  He did great!  He drank it right up.  Hailey loved feeding him!!  She keeps telling me that I need to make him another bottle and then go on a date with Rich so she can feed him while we’re gone.

Hunter has already started turning sideways in his crib.  I don’t know how he does it!  But I had to take the front bumper off of his bed so his face doesn’t end up against the bumper.  We also had to stop letting him sleep in the cradle because he moves around and was making the cradle rock and then making it swing and he was ending up laying up against the side of it.  He does seem to sleep better in his crib… or maybe I just don’t hear every little sound he makes since he’s in his own room now.


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One comment on “3 Weeks Old

  1. Ashley on said:

    I love all these pictures of Hunter! He is growing so fast!

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