1 Month Old

It seems impossible to believe that one month ago we were going to the hospital for Hunter to be born.  My c-section was scheduled for 10:30am but they took me in a little early.  It seemed like the time was crawling by and the minutes felt like hours!  Finally at 10:25am Hunter was born.  Every single minute since then has flown by.  Time is going by even faster now than it ever has before.

Unless you’re new here you know that with Hailey I take pictures of her next to Tigger so I can see how much she has grown.  So now I’m going to do the same thing with Hunter.

Hunter at 1 month old with Tigger.

Giving me a little smile :-)

Hunter and big sister Hailey

Just some random pictures of Hunter at one month old:

My Little Man Cub :-)

Some things Hunter started doing during this last month:

He smiles at us- his doctor agreed that it is a real smile.  He said if you can make your baby smile and it isn’t just happening randomly then it’s real.

Hunter does some cooing- he likes to say gooo, ahhh and a few other cute noises.  He makes cute happy screeching noises.  He also enjoys grunting, which I’m sure as a male he’ll enjoy for the rest of his life :-)

Some of Hunter’s favorite things to do include watching Hailey play (this is his favorite!), listening to Hailey read to him, looking at the mobile above his bed, looking at the ceiling fan in his room- it’s black against the white ceiling and he really loves to look at it, smile at it and coo at it.  He loves looking at books that have babies in them, he seems to be enjoying tummy time a bit more this last week and he likes his toys that make that crinkling noise.  Hunter is a very snuggly baby and he loves to be held and cuddled.

Hunter has been sleeping pretty good, considering.  He sleeps better at night than during the day and I will certainly not complain about that.  At night he’ll sleep about 2-2 1/2 hours, wake up to eat and usually go back to sleep.  Sometimes he stays up for an hour or 2, but for the most part he goes back to sleep.  During the day he doesn’t nap very well, he wants to be held while he’s sleeping (he only does this during the day) and as soon as I put him down he wakes up within about 5 minutes.  I’ve only been getting about 3-4 hours of sleep each night (his feedings take a while and I have to be up early to get Hailey ready for school) so it’s been really hard to not be able to take a nap during the day since he doesn’t sleep well during the day.

Right now Hunter is breastfeeding.  He goes anywhere between 1 1/2- 3 hours between feedings.

I also left Hunter with Grandma for the first time on Friday- the day he was 4 weeks old.  I hadn’t bought groceries since before Hunter was born.  Rich had picked up things like milk and bread but our cupboards were really bare.  I didn’t want to take Hunter out with all the germs going around at this time of year.  Since Hunter had tried using a bottle successfully, Grandma offered to watch him while I got groceries.

Hunter didn’t have an appointment at 1 month so I’m not positive about his weight- but according to our scale at home he’s about 10 pounds.  He has an appointment at 2 months so I’ll know for sure then what his stats are.  He is wearing size 0-3 clothes and is in size 1 diapers (which cost $7-$10 for 50 diapers, depending on the brand).


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