Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve was a busy day this year.  I had so much to get done in between Hunter wanting to eat every hour, regular every day stuff and making sure everything was ready for Christmas.  Rich was sick with the stomach bug so he couldn’t do anything to help with everything I needed to get done.

Hailey had been waiting to make cookies for Santa, so that was one thing I had to make sure we got done:

Mixing up the dough

Rolling it out

Putting frosting on the cookies

Then it was time to head to Aunt Winnie’s house for Christmas Eve.  I was still not allowed to drive because of my c-section and Rich was too sick to go, so my dad had to come over and drive us.

Hailey was so excited to get the Lite Sprites Tree of Lite

We had a nice time at Aunt Winnie’s house.  I didn’t take many pictures though.

When we got home it was time for Christmas Eve presents- new pajamas and a new book.

Hailey and Aveena (her American doll) with their new matching pajamas.

Hunter in his new pajamas

Hailey picked out her 3 favorite cookies for Santa and left some egg nog for him :-)

Hailey was so excited about Santa coming.  Every time she talked about him, her eyes would just light up with excitement.  It was so magical to see how excited she was.


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