Disney Vacation 2011- Day 6

We arrived at Animal Kingdom a little bit before opening at 9am but we missed the rope drop and the park was already open.

Us :-)

Hailey decided the first ride she wanted to go on was Dinosaur.  She was very scared of this ride last year but we decided to let her try it again.

Ready to go on the ride

Going through the line

Hailey on the ride with her eyes covered.  But she said she loved it.

Hailey and Rich

Me and Hailey on Dino-Rama

Hailey and Flik

Next we got to meet Lilo and Stitch.  While we were waiting in line Hailey asked me why Lilo’s face looked the way it did.  I asked her what she meant and she said, “Lilo’s face always stays the same.”  So I said I guessed it was because she had to be ready with a smile for whenever people took her picture.

A hug for Lilo

A hug for Stitch

Hailey with Lilo and Stitch.

We tried to make it to the Lion King show but we missed it by a few minutes.  So we decided to go to Camp Minnie Mickey.  Going while the Lion King show is on is a great time to meet a lot of characters quickly.

While waiting in line to meet Pocahontas, Hailey said, “Why can Pocahontas change her face?  Why doesn’t hers stay the same all the time like Lilo’s does?”  I didn’t know how to answer that question… but I did realize that with all the questions Hailey had been asking, this year would probably be the last year she really believes in the characters.  And that made me sad :-(

Hailey with Meeko and Pocahontas

Thumper and Miss Bunny with Hailey

Donald Duck and Hailey

Us with Goofy

Us with Minnie Mouse

Us with Mickey Mouse

Brear Bear with Hailey

Brear Fox and Hailey

Brear Rabbit and Hailey

Then we went to see one of our favorite attractions at Animal Kingdom- It’s Tough to be a Bug!  We love it!

I love the Lion King show!  Definitely my favorite show!!

Hailey loved this set up, so she wanted me to get a picture.

Hailey and Rich

We ate lunch at the Flame Tree BBQ and this was our view during lunch.  The food was great- probably my favorite quick service of the trip.  My only complaint is that I wish they had indoor seating.  The did have covered seating but it will still so hot that some AC would have been nice.

A kiss for King Louie

And a kiss for Baloo

Playing a little tune.

We got to see DeVine!  I was so excited.  We have never seen her before and know that it is a rare treat to get to watch her.


Us with Terk

Rich and Hailey went on the safari ride… no pregnant ladies on the safari, so I couldn’t go.  I’m guessing it’s because it can be so bumpy.

Hailey on the safari ride.



Us :-)

We went to see Tough to be a Bug again.

Then Hailey wanted to do Dinosaur one more time, so Rich and Hailey went on that using their fast passes from the morning.

Time for the Jammin’ Jungle Expedition Parade.




A quick pose on our way out of the park.

We had dinner reservations at Boma at the Animal Kingdom Logde, so we hopped on the bus and headed to AKL.

We had never been there before- so beautiful!

Inside Boma- which was my favorite meal of our whole trip.  It was soooo delicious!

It had sprinkled on and off a lot during the afternoon, but it poured while we were eating dinner.  I’m thankful we were inside!

After dinner we went outside to see some of the animals.  They are right there next to the resort.  So cool!

Animal Kingdom Lodge

After dinner we went to Magic Kingdom for the evening.

Us :-)

First we rode Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin.  Hailey loves this ride!

Can you find the Hidden Mickey?

After that we went to the Laugh Floor, rode on Stitch and then went on Buzz again.


Then we saw the Electrical Parade:

After the parade we went on the Haunted Mansion and then did a little shopping on Main St.

We saw the fireworks on our way out of the park.

Hailey fell asleep immediately!  And stayed asleep the rest of the night.


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