Disney Vacation 2011- Day 10

Our last day in Disney World :-(  We weren’t planning to go to the parks but we had a late flight so we had a nice relaxing last day.

Yummy breakfast!  Hailey loved sitting at the little table that they had set up for the kids.  She sat there all by herself, looking way too grown up.

A little hula hooping in the lobby on the way to the pool.

Time for some swimming:

We had a blast at the pools!

Goodbye Pop Century… we made reservations before we left and we are staying at a different resort next year.  As much as we have liked Pop in the past we didn’t think it was as good this year.  The food court used to have amazing food but the selection and quality had both declined.  Plus we paid very close attention and the lines for the buses for Pop were always the longest at the end of the night.  Other resorts may share buses but their lines move much quicker.  Plus the other guests at Pop made us want to stay somewhere else.  So we’re trying a new resort next year.

Hailey on the Magical Express on our way back to the airport.

Playing at the airport while waiting for our flight.

We had a great trip to Disney World, as always, and can’t wait to go back!!


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