Dear Hailey,

It seems like I just wrote one of these letters to you, but in reality another year has already gone by and you are now turning 5 years old!  It feels like you were just born short time ago, it’s just not possible that it’s already been 5 years.

It has been another fun filled and busy year and the time flew by.  (Those days really are long and those years really are short!)  You have really grown up over the last year and you are no longer a little preschooler.  You’re in kindergarten now and you make sure that people know you are not a little girl.

It’s been quite a year for us!!  I decided back in February that I was going to leave my job to stay home with you.  I am so happy that I made that choice and have never regretted it for a second.  (Although I do regret the year and half I worked :-( )  We spent a lot of time together doing activities and art projects and just playing together.  The time goes by so fast and I am glad I was able to have all that time with you before you started school.

In April we found out that you are going to be a big sister!  You have been very excited about the baby coming, but also a little bit worried.  You ask me and Daddy from time to time if we are still going to have time to play with you when the baby comes and you wonder if you’ll really be a great big sister.  We do our best to reassure you.

In May of this year you had to have an MRI because you had been complaining of headaches.  I was so worried about you.  You did just fine during your MRI (Grandma and Pa went in with you… I couldn’t go in because I was pregnant and Daddy was out of town.).  You were so brave and held perfectly still.  Everything was completely fine and I was very relieved!  Apparently you’re just one of those people who have a problem with headaches.

You finished up going to pre-k in June and then spent your summer vacation at home with me.  You complained a lot that you were bored with me… hahaha but I did my best to keep you busy and entertained.  Almost every day you would ask me if we were going to do something fun.  I did my best but you were anxiously waiting for school to start so you could have some kids to play with.

You were very excited on your first day of kindergarten in September!  Daddy and I brought you to school for your first day and you looked a little bit worried when we left, but I was sure you were going to do fine.  After we left your classroom I went to the car and cried.  Kindergarten is your first really big step towards your independence and I just wasn’t ready for it.  You were definitely ready though and you absolutely love school!!  On the days when there is no school you ask me when it’s going to be time to go back.

You still love all things girly.  You like dolls and princesses and wearing dresses and skirts, and playing dress up.  You love to sing and dance and put on shows for us to watch.  You also love Scooby Doo, Sponge Bob and the Smurfts.  You love to color and draw and some days you will spend hours quietly coloring pictures for me and Daddy.

You and Daddy have your special little games that you play together.  Your games make me nervous since they usually involve fighting and wrestling.  I try not to watch when you play because I’m so afraid you’re going to get hurt!  But I listen from the other room and enjoying hearing your little giggle.  Sometimes I hear you say, “Uh-oh, I have an injury.” But then you yell “FIGHT” and the laughing and fun starts all over again.

You love to snuggle with me.  Every night when you go to bed we read some books together and then we snuggle until you fall asleep.  I love that special time with just me and you.  Many times you will talk to me and tell me stories about what happened during your day during that time.  I know you’re probably just stalling so you don’t have to go to sleep but I just love our little conversations.  In the middle of the night you usually come and get in bed with me and Daddy and ask me to snuggle with you some more.  When you wake up in the morning you ask for more snuggles.  During the day you’re pretty busy and not very cuddly, so I have to take advantage of the snuggles when I can!

You are such a happy girl and you light up my world every day with your smile and laugh!  You make me and Daddy so happy and we just love you so much!  I remember one time you spent the night at Grandma and Pa’s house and we just didn’t know what to do with ourselves.  Daddy asked me, “What are we supposed to do without Hailey here?”  We love spending time with you and playing with you.  And even when you are entertaining yourself it just makes us happy to hear your little voice and the sound of your feet running around.  You are our world and we love you more than you will ever know!

I love you Little Miss!!  Happy 5th Birthday!



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