Mother’s Day

Since it’s almost Father’s Day I decided it was time to get caught up on my blogging and post about Mother’s Day.

Hailey’s pre-k class had a Mother’s Day Tea that was sooooo wonderful!  When the moms arrived each child came and escorted his or her mom to her seat.

Hailey in her seat next to me at the table, holding the flower she made for me.

Smiling next to her food- we had salad and sandwiches and cookies.  The kids made everything and it was so delicious!

Then the teachers held up a picture each kid had made for his/her mom and read something the kids had said about their moms.  We had to try to guess which one was about us.

This is the picture Hailey drew- and I recognized Hailey’s drawing right away.

These were the things Hailey said about me.  So cute!

It was such a nice Mother’s Day Tea and I had the best time!

Here is a close up of the flower and vase Hailey made for me.

Us on Mother’s Day

All of the stuff that Hailey gave me :-)

Pretty flowers and vase Hailey made in her Sunday School class.

The frame Hailey made for me.

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!


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