Random Pictures from February

Hailey got herself dressed and then put on a show for me using her “fancies.”

She’s quite the dancer!

My little miss

We went to an indoor bike riding/roller skating party with Hailey’s UPK:

Hailey got to ride her bike in a nice big open space instead of our dining room.  We live on a pretty steep hill so she usually doesn’t get to ride her bike unless we take her somewhere to ride it.

She had to try going around on skates a few times.  Then she remembered that she does not like skating.

Doesn’t Rich look nice with a princess helmet on?  Hailey did not think so.

The helmet back where it belongs.

A few more rides around on her bike.

Hailey and me.  Then we went home where Hailey slept soundly all night long :-)

Hailey and Dottie

One more shot of Hailey and Dottie.

As much as I am sick of the snow, I did think this particular snow looked pretty.  Here’s a view of our back yard from our deck:


Livin' With Me!

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One comment on “Random Pictures from February

  1. Weekend Cowgirl on said:

    Very pretty snow photos! I LOVE snow pics.

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