Virginia Vacation Pictures

Back about a month ago we went on a little vacation to visit my brothers and sister in law.  On our way to visit them we stopped somewhere in Virginia and stayed over night.

Hailey enjoyed playing in the closet at the hotel.

Hailey had really been looking forward to going swimming.  So even though it was raining out Pa still took her in the pool.

After we left the hotel we stopped at a Safari park where the animals walk right up to your car and stick their heads in your windows hoping that you have bought some feed to give to them.  We had a blast- lots of laughs!

Hailey loved getting to feed the animals.

I loved the zebras.  I had never realized before that their stripes go right up onto their mane.

“Hello… is anyone in there??”

“Ahhhh yes, there you are.”

This little pig was so fat he had a hard time waddling over to the car.

After we finished the drive through part of the safari there was a part to walk through too.

Hailey had to pose for a picture every time she saw one of these.

My pretty little miss.

Cute little baby pigs.


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  1. I love your pictures!

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