3 1/2

This post has been a long time coming.  I’ve been keeping notes of things that Hailey says that I think are cute.  The problem is that I haven’t been posting them.  So some of these date all the way back to the winter of 2010.

One night Hailey was mad at me for telling her she couldn’t do something.  She said, “Well, I’m not going to live here anymore.” So I said, “No? Where are you going to go?” She said, “On a picnic with Anika.”


Hailey once told me, “I’m not being naughty, I’m just pretending to be naughty.”


A daily occurrence  in our house used to be acting out Cinderella.  We would each play a part- Hailey would be Cinderella, I would be a step-sister and Rich would be the Grand Duke.  Hailey would go running down the hall and lose her shoe, then the Grand Duke would have to try the shoe on “every girl in the kingdom.”  Hailey would say all the lines from the movie.  She doesn’t do this every day anymore, but we do still get to act out her favorite princess movies from time to time.


One day while shopping in a busy store I was at the register paying when Hailey said to me, “I have to go poopy Mommy.”  I didn’t answer her right away so she started saying it louder and louder.  All of the ladies in the store were giggling at her.


When Hailey says her bedtime prayers there are often some cute things she is thankful for- like she has been thankful for chocolate.  She has also requested that God would give her curly hair.


Once when she wouldn’t clean up her toys I told Hailey that I was going to give her toys away to the poor children who don’t have any toys.  She responded by saying, “But then I’d be one of the poor kids who doesn’t have any toys.”


One day at preschool Hailey came running up to me with a little boy by her side and said, “Look Mommy!  I found my prince!”  Then she grabbed his hand and ran off.


Right after I got Hailey out of the bathtub I stepped into a huge puddle. I asked her if she was splashing and made a mess on the floor. She told me that what had actually happened was a ghost threw a rope up into the bathroom window and climbed up the side of our house. Then when he got into the window another ghost came along and dumped water on the first ghost, leaving a big puddle on the floor. I wasn’t sure if I should be upset with her for lying or impressed with her creativity.


The other day Hailey woke up and smiled and said, “I have a beautiful dream.  It was about J.” (her prince)

Hailey recently told me that when she grows up she wants to be a mommy and have 2 kids, a boy and a girl.  I asked her what the names of her kids will be.  And she said, “I don’t know.  Me and J will have to talk about it.”

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  1. Weekend Cowgirl on said:

    Looks like a very nice zoo! I love taking the kiddos to zoo and this is a reminder to do so when the weather cools down a little…

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