Deck Renovations

When we moved into our house I said one of the first things I wanted changed was our deck.  I didn’t like how it looked and I didn’t think it was very safe.  The railing made me nervous because I didn’t think it would stop Hailey from falling off of the deck.  I had to wait almost a year but the deck has finally been redone.

Day one of the deck renovation- this is how the deck looked before.  Rich and my dad are making some plans for the new deck.

Adding some more posts and beams.

The base of the new deck.

The floor of the new deck, with the old stairs propped up on the side.

The new, much safer railing

Almost done.

Added some landscaping.

The finished new deck.


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One comment on “Deck Renovations

  1. Ashley on said:

    I like the finished deck!! I see you added doors and storage area underneath! Nice Job!!!

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