A little over a month ago my uncle lost his battle to cancer and passed away on Easter.  The next weekend our family gathered together to say goodbye.  It’s not very often that we are all together and get to spend a weekend together. There were a few family members who could not be there, but most of us were able to be together.  Here are some pictures of the weekend:

There was a fun closet in the room we stayed in and the kids loved hanging out in it.  Hailey and her cousin Sammy are probably making some plans.

Sammy, Hailey and Anika

Sammy, Hailey and Anika having a little picnic.

Watching a movie together.

Logan with his grandma



Some cousins watching a movie together.

Beautiful view


The guys

The girls

The next generation


Livin' With Me!

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One comment on “Family

  1. Ashley on said:

    I love all the pictures! The older we get – the more we realize that nothing compares to time spent with your family!

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