Bike Riding

Last week our MOPS group went to our local roller skating rink for the morning.  They do a thing in the morning specifically for the preschool aged children.  You can bring bikes, ride on cars, strollers, scooters, etc.  They do not let older children in so that the young kids can enjoy themselves.  The kids can even try out roller skates if they want to. So we packed up Hailey’s bike and headed out for some fun.

Hailey loves her bike!  Since we live on a steep hill she usually just gets to ride it around our dining room.  She loved having all the space to ride her bike!

Hailey tried out roller skates for the first time.  We only went around the rink one time and she was done.

Hailey enjoyed having some pizza for lunch.

When we got back from eating lunch we couldn’t find Hailey’s bike.  Apparently another little girl thought it was one of the bikes provided by the roller skating rink and took it for a little ride.  Hailey was pretty heart broken when she couldn’t find it.  Once the little girl brought it back Hailey got on it, but wouldn’t touch the handle bars.  She was afraid she might catch some germs if she touched the handle bars after the other little girl did.  I hope we don’t have a germaphobe on our hands!  She got over it within a few minutes and happily rode off on her bike.


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One comment on “Bike Riding

  1. JenLo on said:

    We used to do that ALL winter! My kids loved it. I think it is the smartest thing for the skating rink to do since nobody skates during the school day anyway!

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