Ballet Watch Week

Back in November Hailey started taking ballet, jazz and tap class once each week.  Every couple of months they have a watch week so that the parents can come into the lesson and watch what the kids are learning.  Since Hailey started about 2 months late I had missed the first watch week.  The next watch week happened the first week of February.  So Rich and I went to watch her class.  We took a few pictures of her class.

Livin With Me

Livin With Me

Livin With Me

There are usually a few more girls in her class but some weren’t there during watch week.  Since I have worked with groups of 3-5 year olds I was pretty impressed with how well everyone cooperated for the teacher and how she could get all the girls to do the same thing at the same time.

We also took some videos of Hailey’s class doing a couple different dances.  But she actually has a recital for Valentine’s Day- so I’m going to wait and take a video of her dancing then and post that video sometime next week.


Livin' With Me!

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One comment on “Ballet Watch Week

  1. You little girl is growing up so fast!
    How sweet to be able to watch that here.

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