Halloween Festivities

I am finally getting around to having a few minutes to blog about all of the fun we had last weekend for Halloween.

Livin With Me

On Thursday Hailey and I went with our MOPS group to a local nursing home to go trick or treating.  We had a great time and Hailey found some other princesses- a couple of Snow Whites and a Sleeping Beauty that she a great time with.

Livin With Me

On Friday we went to a Halloween party at the library.  We had story time with singing and dancing and stories (of course).

Livin With Me

Then the kids made a craft.

Livin With Me

And went trick or treating around the library.

Livin With Me

Later that night we carved Hailey’s pumpkin- she loved cleaning it out.

Livin With Me

And she loved playing with the seeds.

Livin With Me

Here is Hailey’s pumpkin- with the silly face she picked for it to have.

Livin With Me

On Saturday we went to Trunk or Treating at the church we have been going to.  It was raining so it had to be moved inside.  There were games set up- Hailey is playing the ring toss game here.  And there was lots of candy being passed out too.

Livin With Me

Then it was time for the actual Trick or Treating.  We started at Gramma and Pa’s house.

Hailey was good about saying “trick or treat” to get her candy.  And then instead of saying thank you after she got her candy she’d say “trick or treat” again.  She really loved trick or treating this year!


Livin' With Me!

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4 comments on “Halloween Festivities

  1. looks like so much fun! She is a beautiful Cinderella!!

  2. rachel on said:

    So beautiful. I swear she is looking more and more like you. I love the princess dress!

  3. She is so blessed to have you at home with her. I do hope that one day our children will realize how blessed they were to have a Mom who worked at home.
    Love the pumpkin pictures….Michael used to love to toast the pumpkin seeds so he could eat them.

  4. Hi! I was afraid to look for the next picture lest it would be how grandma and Pa looked when they answered the door that day. HA!!!

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