Some Things to Remember

3 is such a fun age!  Here are a few of the things that Hailey has said or done that made me smile.

One of her favorite things to say when she is annoyed is, “Oh brother.”


Instead of saying ‘because’ Hailey says, “pecause.”  And instead of saying ‘remember’ she says “bemember.”  And I hope she talks like that forever ;)


One day at breakfast time Hailey was asking for cookies to go with her cereal and toast.  So, I told her that we don’t eat cookies for breakfast.  Hailey responded by saying,  ”Well then let’s just have lunch.”


We just started going to MOPS where we live now and I told Hailey what it was called and what it would be like.  After I picked her up from her MOPPETS class she said, “I had fun but I looked all over and couldn’t find any mops.”


The other day while Hailey was eating her snack I heard her say to her fingers “You’d better get ready!  You’re going on a wet ride!” Then she put them in her mouth to lick them off.


Hailey was crying and I asked her what was wrong and she said, “I don’t have a handsome prince to marry.”


Livin' With Me!

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0 comments on “Some Things to Remember

  1. What sweet thoughts from the mind of your child.
    Isn’t it awesome to see what is going on in their small heads?
    Love the one about MOPS…Julia and I used to go to that.
    Tell Hailey I didn’t see any mops either. ;)
    When I was little I still remember what I thought when my Mom said she was going with some other women to a baby shower. :)
    Makes you wonder why people came up with some of the names for things that they did.

  2. Three is a great age! I hope Riley calms down at 3 and says the cutest things like Hailey!!

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