Hailey is 3 Years Old

Livin With Me

Hailey with Tigger at 3 years old.

Hailey with Tigger at 2 years old.

Livin With Me

Hailey next to her ABC blocks at 3 years old.

Hailey next to her ABC blocks at 2 years old.

Hailey had her 3 year check up today- she was actually sick for her well check up, she’s been running a fever and not feeling well. But she did great during her appointment and waited patiently while I talked to the doctor.

Physically- Hailey weighs 40 pounds and is 39 inches tall.  Her weight is in the 97th percentile and her height is in the 90th percentile.  Even though it seems like she might be overweight being in the 97th percentile her weight is actually perfect for her height.  I have no idea where she gets being so tall from!

Developmentally- Hailey is still doing great!  She is such a little smarty pants!  She is like a little sponge and absorbs anything and everything we say to her.

Hailey loves singing and dancing, princesses, doing art projects and reading books.  She has a great imagination and a big heart.


Livin' With Me!

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5 comments on “Hailey is 3 Years Old

  1. shirley on said:


  2. rachel on said:

    Happy Birthday 3 Year old girl. You are adorable and we love always seeing the pics of you!!

  3. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on said:

    Wow, she’s really grown! I love how you do these photos with the Tigger. :) Happy Birthday, Hailey!

  4. she is just perfect! I remember when she used to be smaller than tigger – how did so much time go by that she is bigger than tigger now? Ashlyn is the same way with height and weight- I don’t like telling people how much she weighs anymore because it sounds like she is overweight- but it is because she is so tall. She towers over all the other kids in her class!

  5. Sharon on said:

    She has really lost that little baby look hasn’t she?
    What a sweet thing she is….enjoy it girl! ;)
    Before you know it she will be getting ready to turn 12….Julia will have that birthday next week. It flies girl.

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