Here’s what Hailey has had to say lately:

“I am losing my patience.” (I have no idea where she heard that one!)


“Daddy come quick… there’s something dangerous!” (I think it was a spider.)


After my cousin and his wife had a baby, Hailey told me that “She had a boy, he’s named Abraham Lincoln.”


Hailey was mad at me because I wouldn’t let her do something she wanted to do and she told me, “Well then I’m not going to be a ballerina.”


Hailey was trying to put a dress on one of her dolls.  Once she finally got it on she said, “Mission completed! It fits now.”


I was trying to set the table and Hailey was putting books where I was trying to put dishes.  I told her the books were in the way and she had to move them and she said to me, “I need to take a different approach.”


Hailey was not able to get a toy up the stairs and said, “Now we have to scrub the mission.”  I have no idea what the mission was!


Hailey was building with her blocks when Rich was asking her a question about what she was building. She said, “Daaaaaad don’t confuse me by talking to me when I’m making Cinderella’s castle”


One of Hailey’s favorite things to say is “apparently” and she is always trying to throw that word in to conversations and into books that she is reading.


Rather than say “in a couple minutes” or “in a little while” Hailey says, “In a couple whiles.”


We went to lunch the other day and as the waitress was walking away Hailey said, “Wow Mom, she’s awfully old.”


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9 comments on “Hailey

  1. Oh my gosh, those are all so funny and cute!! I need to be good like you and write down what my kids say more often. They crack me up almost everyday!

  2. Ponnarasi on said:

    Thats adorable :) Cute post…

  3. Those sayings of Hailey’s were so cute!! I had to smile at them!!:) Hugs, Grams

  4. In a couple whiles……now that sounds like something you might hear in the South…they are constantly abbreviating things.
    I love that you are keeping track of all this..you are such a good mommy. :)
    I guess that lets you know who didn’t keep tract of all that stuff. :)

  5. She is such a cutie!! I love kid sayings!

  6. She is so cute!

  7. Common Mom on said:

    I love love love little voices!!! I will be sad when my daughter’s little lisp goes away and when my son stops calling them “heliclopters.”

  8. She is delicious!!

  9. Take a different approach. hahaha. She’s a character! I love it.

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