Random Comments From the Rocking Chair

This post has been in draft for more than a month… guess it’s time to get it posted!
The other night while Iwas rocking Hailey at bedtime she made the following comments:
  • Said, “Do those eye brows looks like bananas?”
  • Asked, “How old are you?  How old is Daddy?  How old is Dottie?  How old is Gramma’s pup?  How old is Dora?  How old is Boots?”
  • Asked, “What is Anika doing?”
  • Asked, “Is Anika dreaming about playing with me?”
  • Said, “Where is Anika’s Daddy?”
  • Hailey curled up her legs so that she was in the shape of an S and said, “Is this how the seahorse looks?”

I love getting a little glimpse into how her mind works!


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0 comments on “Random Comments From the Rocking Chair

  1. rachel on said:

    I know I love the things kids say-it is amazing how fast their minds work and how much they understand and know.

  2. Sharon on said:

    I remember these days!
    I think Michael had wilder thoughts and questions than Julia.
    I loved the way you could tell his little mind had been really thinking about something.
    Did you find out how old Dora was? “)

  3. Oh cute! I love kids sayings!

  4. Oh my gosh, that is so cute! I love that you are capturing this on your blog. I need to do better at writing things like that down. The curling up like an S and asking if she looked like a sea horse cracked me up!

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