Park Time

For the last few weeks we have been walking to a nearby park as much as possible.  If it’s not raining out we have been going to the park.  It’s only .7 miles away from our house but it’s a tough walk- it’s up a very, very steep road.  So, it’s great exercise.  These are some pictures from the first day we went to the park.

Livin With Me

Hailey all ready in her stroller for the walk to the park.  (There’s a peek at our new house in the background)

Livin With Me

Hailey ran to check out what there was to play with.

Livin With Me

Hailey and Rich relaxing on a swing.

Livin With Me

Hailey’s favorite- the slides!


Livin' With Me!

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4 comments on “Park Time

  1. Sharon on said:

    How nice to have this right down the street from your house! What a great place to make memories.
    And thank you for the peek at the new house….it looks big! Plenty of room for a big family. ;)
    I am sure ya’ll are having a great time settling in…how fun.
    Hailey loves the camera doesn’t she? I need to take more pictures of my girl.

  2. That is awesome that you have a park so close to you! It looks fun. I can’t get Riley to sit in his stroller- what is your secret??

  3. looks like a fun place…. how wonderful to have it so close.

  4. Heather @ Not a DIY Life on said:

    I love that last shot of Hailey – so happy, so full of life! Oh, to be a kid again!

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