It’s 1pm

And this is what I see:

Livin With Me

An empty bed.

Apparently Hailey has outgrown her nap.  Most days she will not take a nap- and on the days she does take a nap she is up until 10 or 11pm.  But when she doesn’t get her nap she is ready to crash around 5pm and then she is non-stop wild around 7pm.  There are some days when she still takes a little nap- when she gets up too early or has had a really busy morning.  But most days she just can’t sleep.  In place of nap-time we are doing quiet time.  We read together for a little while and then I bring her a big pile of books, set a timer and tell her to stay on her bed reading until the timer goes off. I started out with only 10 minutes and we’ve worked our way up to 30 minutes of quiet time.  She is doing great with staying on her bed reading.  I just thought that most kids took afternoon naps until they were 4 or 5 years old… so I didn’t expect her to drop her nap so soon.  When did your kids stop napping?


Livin' With Me!

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3 comments on “It’s 1pm

  1. My girls stopped at 2 years old. Sometimes on the rare occasion they might but we pay for it by staying up to 11/12 o’clock. If not we are usually in bed at nine and asleep by 10:30

  2. my oldest Princess stopped napping at 18 months old I thought I would die LOL.. then Mr Man napped until about 21/2 years old, Sweet Pea till 2 years old and Little Man until 2 years old with an nap from time to time after a busy morning until he was 3.

  3. Andrea (Lifesong) on said:

    Joelle actually kept napping until after she turned 3, but Malia was done at 2.

    Cute bedding though. :)

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